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Instagram Image/Video Downloader

Download any Instagram Image or video in one click. Paste Image or Video Url in the given Input and download it in hassle free manner.

Total 2965 images & 1174 videos downloaded

About FastLykke:

We are social media marketing service providers that specialize in social proofing. You can increase Facebook likes, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Soundcloud plays and much more to improve your social proofing.
The services are tailored for specific niches and you can avail the services in various packages. The best thing is that we offer authentic likes, followers and comments. And you can avail them quickly. In short; we provide the full social media marketing spectrum. Apart from our core service offering, we also offer additional services.

Additional service:

Instagram video downloader is our latest addition. Since Instagram does not have native download support, people often face problems when downloading videos and images for offline usage. The new Instagram downloader is designed to give seamless download experience to its users.
The downloader can work on all the ecosystems that include iOS, Android, desktop and Macintosh. It is one of the best downloaders in the market at present.

How to download:

Step 1:

Visit (https://www.fastlykke.com/instagram-downloader/)

Step 2:

Get the URL of the post image/video

Step 3:

Paste the URL in the download bar

Step 4:

Click download

And you will get your videos downloaded quickly and easily. It is one of the quickest ways of downloading videos from Instagram.

Why do you need downloader?

Since video marketing is the new trend, they can be a great way of promoting your brand. That is not all; you can save videos for entertainment purpose too.
As far as marketing is concerned, you can download your Instagram videos and paste it on other platforms without having to use a cross-platform promotional trick. Since each platform is different and has different kinds of user groups you have to have your videos crafted nicely according to your user preferences.
After downloading the video, you can edit them using various online editing software so that you can prepare your videos according to the platform’s dynamic requirements.

Some insights into video and image promotion:

Human perception relies on the symbols because human is trained to think through symbols. In addition, human follows videos effortlessly because videos are primitive in their narrative structure. So, what is so primordial about videos?
If you look at the way you see your dreams and you watch videos, you will realize that dreams and the flow of videos are similar. Ultimately, this subconscious habit makes human a lover of motion pictures too. That means you can understand things in a better way when it is presented through videos.
Images almost have the same effect but then they slightly differ because of their static nature. However, the basic underlying fundamental remains the same.
Most of the marketers believe that they have witnessed better results after they applied video marketing strategy. Almost all of the digital marketers believe that they will increase their video marketing budget in the near future. That means you have to understand the importance of video marketing in a broader context.


Since the quality of the videos is important for viewing pleasure, you should get the videos of the highest quality. The Instagram downloader is capable of downloading high definition videos quickly. This is one of the most effective downloaders that can download the highest quality videos.
This download service is designed to equip marketers with better technological capability. For instance, a great short video on Instagram can be a great idea for Whatsapp marketing but for that, you need to have the right downloader and this tool serves the best.
As a social proofing company, we are quite intelligent in bringing this service to our clients. Now, the clients can have a better tool to run their video marketing campaign, be it videos, images or stories, you can certainly download anything and everything instantly. Undoubtedly, this is going to be a game changer. It might not be something radically outlandish but certainly, it is a small effort that can make a big impact.
The cost of the social proofing plans is quite reasonable. You can get specific likes, followers and comments. In addition, the video downloader service can have additional benefits.
The downloader is important for all the marketers who believe in visual narratives. In fact, successful marketers know the art of telling brand stories through videos. Undoubtedly, you can also take advantage of that feature too now.
All you need to do is log in, get your favorite URL, paste it and let the downloader do the job for you. This is a great tool for both personal and professional use. So, ensure that you take advantage of this.


Of course, if you download from your own profile, then you are the owner. If you get from some other profile, then you can give credit if you use it. If you download videos to watch offline, then you should not be worried about legalities. You have to consider legality only when you use it for a promotional purpose. In the US, you can use a video as long as it is transformative. For example – you can take a part of a video and comment on it, like commenting on goals scored or top goals in a league match. You can also contact the person if you want exclusive right to use their images and videos. That can be done by sending a message on Instagram.
Open the downloader on your iOS and Android app, then get the URL that you want to download. Make sure that you paste in the download bar and hit download. After downloading save it in the destination folder. It is quite easy to download videos and images using the downloader. The downloader works perfectly on both the ecosystems.
The quality is pre-determined i.e the quality of the video which is there already uploaded on instagram will be the quality you download. Once you input the URL of the video, we will redirect you to a new page where you can simply click on the “download” button in blue tab.