10 Organic Ways to Increase YouTube Views – 2019

Want to be a successful YouTuber? Are you investing a lot of your time on YouTube to grow your video marketing business? Seeking opportunities to get more views on your content? If yes then you are at the right platform, but if you are not aware of the strategy and parameters of YouTube, then you are lacking at some extent to reach your objective.

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to promote, advertise, entertain, and educate a maximum number of people at the same time with the one post. YouTube offers a huge opportunity for people who are willing to earn and take the plunge into the video marketing business. Billions of people are in the loop of the YouTube business but not everyone is reaching their goal because they are working on fooling YouTube’s algorithms by purchasing views instead of generating genuine views.

We will not get into a deep discussion, the tutorial will guide you the ultimate tricks to increase the genuine views on your YouTube channel that would definitely help you to accomplish your goal and to reach a large number of audience.

1.Establish Your YouTube Channel

The initial step that holds a major responsibility of your YouTube channel is its reputation. Build- up your YouTube channel with a complete profile, means along with a relative information and profile photo. Run a channel trailer that can speak about your channel, brand, subject, and your services. A trailer will give an instant brief to the viewers and build up their interest to subscribe to your channel. Give efforts to include a quick expression and a small description about your business and your content. This will create your YouTube reputation that viewers will love to subscribe.


2.Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

Use Descriptive and Keyword


This is where you have to work hard on keyword research. Choose a descriptive and interesting title because you have to attract a maximum number of audience with one title. Nowadays, people use some “controversial title” to draw the attention of their target audience, and it really works. Moreover, optimizing your video content on the basis of keywords will help you to get more organic views instantly. Look for the trending keywords and start planning your content.

3.Have Influential Descriptions with Trending Keywords

Descriptions with Trending Keywords

Use a strong video description, through this you can perfectly inform the search engines and viewers about your video. Try to keep your video description generic and effective; keep in mind that you have to capture the audience interest along in the queue of short-tail keywords.

 4.Use Tags

Use Tags

YouTube video tags are one of the important aspects that can help to generate enough views easily. YouTube tags help YouTube algorithm understand what audience will view when they watch your video. Tags along with a quality description and the title imitate the objective of your video content that you have shared.

5.Use Persuasive Thumbnail Images

Use Persuasive Thumbnail Images

The Thumbnail image is another important factor that works like a magic trick to draw the attention of the audience towards your video. Image used as the thumbnail generate the inquisitiveness in the audience to watch your video content. It can work effectively to increase the views on your YouTube channel. Make use of high-quality images that feature infographics and engaging fonts, facial close-ups, if they are featured in your video.

6.Encourage Existing Viewers to Subscribe

Encourage Existing Viewers to Subscribe

People who have already subscribed your videos are a great source to reach the potential audience. When they subscribe to your channel, they can select an option to get notifications of your every new video content. This will bring out the instant views everytime you upload a new video.

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7.Ask to Watch

The easiest way to get more viewers on your YouTube channel is directly asking your friends, and near once to watch your videos.  At the end of your every video, you can ask viewers to subscribe your channel and to share your video to their connections. This will give a big exposure to your videos to a large audience.  Also, you can include a link in your video description that makes it easy for the viewers to share.

8.Deliver Content that Educate & Entertain or Both

Your video content should be informative, entertaining, and helpful for the audience. Majority of people prefer to see videos for quick learning, instant knowledge, solving queries and majorly to learn with some piece of entertainment. But if the user does not find your video content interesting and informative they will avoid watching it and sharing it. So always make sure what your audience is looking for, give them on their fingertips. Try to create online educational sessions,  delivering ideas to build handmade clothes, tips to clean home etc. This type of video content helps you to engage more audience, which means more views.

9.Follow Viral Trend

Follow Viral Trend

Creating videos on viral trends is the clever and finest way to draw audience attention quickly. You can check for the videos that are getting more views and likes and can curate the same content for more views, but doing this crazy trick you need to make sure that you keep a difference on your content credibility than others. You have to focus on the trend, do not try to feature the exact content of any previous viral content.

10.Promote Your Content

Promote Your Content

Might you have select the best topic and shoot the fantastic video, but just having a quality will not accomplish your requirement. If you want to get the higher rank and huge amount of genuine views on your video content then you have to promote your content with your best efforts. Neither your channel get subscribers accidentally, nor your videos will have views immediately, you will have to invest your extra hours. To promote your videos, you can share them on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Additionally, you can also add comments on your own videos, can start a discussion on a trending topic to multiply your overall viewership for the best result.

All such small steps would take some time but will definitely give you the best result as you want. YouTube has its own parameters through which it ensures the quality, credibility, and sustainability of the video content, so always try to build an active subscriber base and avoid generating fake views.

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