Why Do Celebrities Keep Getting Sued For Their Instagram Posts?

Instagram posts, Facebook posts or Twitter posts or posts on any social media website are getting fame nowadays and especially the posts of celebrities which are viewed by millions of people who are consuming entertainment news on a daily basis.

It is a very narcissistic world, people always post those snaps in which they look good and sometimes repost their friend’s pictures too if she/he becomes successful in capturing their good side, but if they are re-posting their friend’s  picture then there is no issue, but the moment anyone or even any celebrity posts the picture of any professional photographer, then it becomes a matter of concern and even becomes a legal matter.

Photographers’ posts are not similar to anyone’s friend’s picture, they work to click a good snap and their earning depends on it. So, if anybody or even a celebrity is posting any picture, then they need to take the permission from them or need to pay them, and if they are not following the rule, then they could get into big trouble.

Copyright issue: If any painter captures the picture of anyone, no one is allowed to take the canvas their home without the painter’s permission even if the picture is their own. The painter needs to be paid for their work because it’s his work and that’s the way he is earning. It is the same case with the writers too, they take up several different subjects and sometimes portrays a human too in their writing pieces, still, Facebook or any other platforms could not steal anyone’s content just because it is about them. If any case of plagiarism arises then it becomes a legal matter and the person who has copied the content or took the canvas of any painter is likely to get sued.

“There are two sets of rights: one is of the subject and the other is of the creator.”

This copyright issue is so common in the photography arena and especially with the celebrities, today nobody is unaware of Paparazzi, who click pictures of celebrities in the public places without their knowledge and post them on their pages. Here the thing which is common is that no one can take a picture of his own either from the painter or the Papprazi as the picture is copyrighted with the company or the painter. Here the person has to pay for the picture if they want to flaunt in public from their account or they have to show courtesy to the particulr brand.

Recently Justin Bieber was hit with a lawsuit when he posted a picture of his while making public display with Rich Wilkerson jr. in a car which was captured by Robert Barbera, but later he credited the Barbera and settled down the matter and instructed his passionate followers to stand down, “

Usually, it is legally wrong to avoid copyright issues because the actual license fee is nominal, maybe a few hundred dollars, but lawsuits generally reach six digits and then celebrities usually have to pay the amount which is generally very high. Also, the photographers claim that they are unable to sell their work as it is already been posted by someone else.

When Jennifer Lopez posted her picture with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, she too was sued by Splash News and Picture Agency, they asserted that the original copy of that picture was ‘ creative, distinctive and valuable’ but with the Instagram post, Lopez made that picture available to all her 103 million followers who are the consumers of entertainment news and especially for the Lopez’s snap and could be interested in having the licensed version of Lopez’s picture in the magazine and newspaper. But after Lopez’s Instagram post, the productivity of this snap has decreased and later Lopez had to suffer from high charges.

In the world of social media, photographers need to be more alert or extra careful about their work because nowadays celebrities have made their socialmedia accounts to promote themselves. This is the huge reason, the work of umpteen of photographers is used by them without even giving them their credit.

Jeffrey Greenbaum, an advertising and intellectual property lawyer explained to the Hollywood reporter, “Social media is actually a business for celebrities,” and especially with the arrival of sponson, celebrity influencers are pocketing thousands of dollars for such ad posts.

With the advent of social media, cases of copyright issue have also increased, it is nowhere wrong to use pictures of photographers but these photographers need to be paid on time, photography is their work and they must be given credit for their work or else they are allowed to sue those who use their work without their permission.

On the other hand, many celebrities react differently  when they asked regarding their posts, for instance, Gigi Hadid was hit with a lot of questions when she posted a snap of her with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik, and she took umbrage from it and replied, “these people make money off us everyday, LEGALLY stalking us day in, and day out,” she did say she was willing to at least credit the work.” It is also to be noted that she just recycled the image which was posted on Twitter and she explained,  “I had no way of knowing which of the 15+ photographers outside that day took these exact photos; if the person had just commented on my photo I would have been happy to tag and give credit.”  It was enough to stave off the lawsuit, so celebrities sometimes find the middle way to get rid of such cases or like Justin Bieber they pacify the matter by paying the required amount.

It is an act of infringement if anyone tries to use someone else’s work and doesn’t pay for that, no matter whether that person is celebrity or just a layman.

Any time a celebrity posts a photo that isn’t theirs, they open the doors of big trouble for them.

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