Buying Facebook Likes- Top 5 Pros and Cons

Facebook is an enormous marketing tool that holds the highest record of the most visited social networking website. Worldwide Facebook is a common marketing tool that connects everyone on one platform. There are millions of people who are active participants on the website and every next minute they are seeking some new feed on their page. In the context of business, it brings many advantages within a click, especially for comedians, brands, products, artists, and vlogger. I can confidently say that Facebook is one of the best platforms that can sell your brand, products, or services in minutes without investing a lot of money.

 But to widen your business, it is necessary that your campaign, services, and posts get a good amount of “Likes” as Facebook has its own strategies to ensure the credibility of the content you are sharing. This is the place where “Likes” play an important role and if you are not getting likes on your post then what is the probability of getting more likes? Is purchasing likes a valid option? Will it degrade your credibility? Is this the right way to go? Here’s what should you know-

How to buy likes

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How to buy likes? Where to pay for it? Let discuss these big questions before getting into its advantages and disadvantages. Getting likes on the Facebook page can be tempting, but is simple. There are hundreds of sites out there in the market where you can pay for likes. They will increase dozens of likes on your page at a cheap cost. But these sites will never tell you about the problems that you can experience after buying fake likes on your page, neither will they guide you to the best route for your business campaign.

Advantages – Why Should You Buy “Likes” 

  • Buying likes is a good option if your product or brand is in progress to launch, getting likes for the new page is generally slow. Your target group might not even be aware of your page, so this is one of the best solutions to boost your new page.
  • It helps to legitimize your page, service campaign you are running. It is difficult for people to trust a service which is holding 20 or 30 likes. Buying “Likes” create an instant boom in the market about your product. Of course! A thousand of likes on your campaign will advertise your service, product, or brand to a large group.
  • A large number of likes will help ease your efforts to establish a reputation of your brand or product. Along with a huge number of likes, your page will absolutely show up more frequently in more people’s feeds. Practically, it creates an environment to establish a brand to make people think more about your product.
  • There is a probability to get new fans. More likes on your page will generate interest of more people who see your page through Facebook ads and another campaigning.
  • It helps to optimize the credibility and sustainability of your brands’ and services’. Your content becomes more reliable and competent if many people will back it up. You will have a chance to accomplish your reach and achieve your objective in a less period of time.

Disadvantage- Think Twice before you pay for “Likes”   

Although, buying likes is not beneficial for long-term, check out some of the notified drawbacks-

  • All the paid likes are generated through fake accounts, and according to Facebook’s terms of services, these services are restricted and are not valid. So, maybe you are having thousands of likes, but once the fake account will get shut down, likes on your page will plummet quickly.
  • Facebook has its algorithm when you first post something, it shows it to a small percentage of your followers. If you receive a generic engagement then they will know that what you posted is worthy of being seen, so they will showcase it to more people.
  • No one will give preference to your products and services, people will come and go without showing any interest in your page. After liking your page they will simply forget about your products and services.
  • You do not have an original market there, you just have a paid audience and a paid audience is not a good option to promote or advertise your brand. It would be a pointless effort to convince your target audience with fake likes.
  • Your page engagement will get low, it is simple to understand- if your daily updates and posts are receiving only 2% of your fans’ engagement, but you have thousands of likes on the Facebook page, people will get a hint about your fake likes that will simply destroy your page’s credibility.

It is up to you to consider the benefits and drawbacks of buying Facebook likes. Prefer your company’s requirements and respond to the call of the times. Buy likes, but try to generate likes organically to reach the best result. Buying likes or paying a huge amount of money is not necessary to gain social engagement. Instead, try posting reliable, quality, informative, engaging content that get fit into your target audience’s desires. If you will deliver the content with a goal of accomplishing your target audience’s needs, you will get the genuine followers. Moreover, it would help you to entitled your page, brand, and services to worldwide. 2018 is going to say bye and bye,  2019 is waiting, where fooling people will be more difficult, so give efforts to bring out the best and general content for the viewers and reach your target destination.

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