How To Use Login Verification On Twitter?

Go to your Twitter account.

twitter login verification- login page



Click on “Profile icon” and click “Settings & privacy.”

twitter login verification- settings and privacy



Tap on your “Account settings” and then hit the “Set up login verification.”

twitter login verification- set up login verification



Go through “Overview instructions,” and press “Start.”

twitter login verification- click start



Enter your password and click on the “Verify” option.

twitter login verification- verify password



Press on “Send code” to add your mobile number.

twitter login verification- send code



Note:- “If your number is already linked with your Twitter account, you will get an SMS to confirm your number.”


Enter the “Verification code” sent to your device, then click “Submit.”

twitter login verification- submit button



Click on “Get backup code” to view code generated by Twitter.

twitter login verification- get backup code


Note:- “We suggest you take a screenshot of the code in case you forget your mobile number.”


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Setting up login verification through your linked mobile number on a Twitter account is an easy job, but need a correct attempt. Login to your Twitter account. Here, you need to click on the “Settings and privacy” and further click on “Account settings.” Then, you need to go through the overview instructions and click on “Start.” In the next step, you need to go to the “Verify” option, where you will be prompted to send a code to add your mobile number. Simply enter the verification code and click “Submit’. At last, click on “Get backup code” to view code generated by Twitter.


Twitter offers a lot of advanced features for its users including the login verification, through which users can get complete security of his/her account. Implementing the steps mentioned above would help you to  keep your Twitter account secure.. To know more about Twitter’s secret features, write to us in the comment section.

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