Upload Multiple Photos and Videos At Once – Instagram Update

Upload Multiple Photos and Videos At Once - Instagram Update

Are you crazy about Instagram? Love uploading Instagram Stories?  Then there is good news for you-Instagram has updated its version and hit the market with multiple photos and video sharing features on Instagram stories, which enables you to share a maximum number of photos and videos. The app has made a lot of things easier for creators to curate. Now, instead of going back to the home page, select up to 10 photos at the same time when posting the first one. The Facebook-owned app is rolling out the ability to upload multiple photos and videos at the same time.  

Here is everything you should know about sharing multiple photos and videos on Instagram Stories –

Upload Multiple Videos And Photos On Your Instagram stories:

Instagram Update - Upload multiple photos and videos at once

Previously, you were only able to upload on a photo or video at a time. After finishing the one post, you could select the other content. But now the thing has changed – Instagram made it easier to upload multiple posts on Instagram stories.

  • Before using the advanced feature, check if your Instagram account is updated. If it is not updated with the latest version, download it from the Play store.
  • Open the app, click on the camera icon located in the top-left corner of the page. Further, tap the gallery icon.
  • On the next screen, choose the multiple photos button. There a “Selection” icon will appear at the upper right corner of each photo. Click on the photo which you want to upload.
  • Once you are done selecting the photos, press the “Next” This enables you to edit your picture with filters, stickers and more.
  • Click the ‘Share’ button, if you want to share your images with your friends. Further, click the “Send” button just next to the name of your friend.

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Uploading Multiple Photos Or Videos On Instagram posts:

  • View the Instagram app on your mobile and click on the gallery icon.
  • Press the gallery tab and click the multiple photos icon located at the lower right corner of the image.
  • Select photos you want to upload and then click “Next” at the top.
  • Now you can add filters and change the sequence of your photos. For changing the sequence, you need to click and hold the photo. Next, move it to the new place where you want to place the photo.
  • Once you are done with all the editings and satisfied with your post, click on the “Next” button located at the top of the page. Lastly, press the share button.

This feature is only available on Android, but it will be released for iOS soon. According to the reports, the update will provide multiple options to users with blossoms opportunities. So the users just had to swipe up the screen, log in to the Instagram account and select the numerous photos to the global audience.

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