Unique Ways to Increase Instagram Comments

Instagram has more than 800 million users in the world out of which almost half of the users are active monthly users. More than 80 percent of top fashion brands have an Instagram business account and they are also active. So, what does that indicate? Undoubtedly, it proves that it is the most effective platform for brand communication.

That is not the end of the success story because teenagers in the USA consider this as one of the major social media sites. This means you have great opportunities here on this site to promote your brand. However, you need to deploy the smartest social proofing strategy to get the best out of this site. But you need to know the trick and tips to increase your engagement by getting more comments.

So how are you going to do it? Are there any surefire methods? There are actually. Some might work and a few might not work, but then, social media is about experimentation. Let’s be realistic.

Quality posts:

The human is by nature an admirer. Everybody loves to get inspired, entertained and influence. Best quality content is the thumb rule to get more comments. That means you should think of crafting content that can evoke emotions, provoke thoughts and inspire people to share their views. Therefore, you should create a variety of content that includes entertaining, funny, informative and dramatic. Can be it romantic too? It can be depending on your brand and brand ideology.

For instance, if you are a fashion brand that specializes in making designer wedding dresses, then you can perhaps take that route. Ultimately, you have the creative freedom, you must use it intelligently.

quality post

Find the right hashtags:

This is the second best method to get more comments because hashtags can make you find the interesting topic and bring like minded people into the discussion table. However, you should be careful while using hashtags. The study suggests that the posts having one hashtag perform better than the posts that have been stuffed with hashtags.

Undoubtedly, you can use up to 30 hashtags, but it will make your post look a little spammy. That is not all using more hashtags would mean increasing the competition. All you need to do is to find the right hashtags like # Funfriday or #Smashingsunday.

The best way to do is to find out the top performing #hashtags of your niche and use them nicely and intelligently.


Be human:

It makes sense to improve your engagement but you should not try hard for it. Keep it a bit relaxing. Make sure that you use posts in a certain pattern. You can create posts that attract highest number of comments on certain days and the rest of the days you can keep things a little mild and soothing. Be calm if all the posts do not garner the same amount of comments.

In fact, you should create a pattern so that your audiences fall into a habit of looking at your profile regularly. Note that the human mind is a mechanism of habit and you can be successful only when you understand the human mind. So, make certain that you post in a certain format.

Be consistent:

Instagram wants you to use the app consistently. Therefore, it rewards people who use it consistently. The same rule also is applicable here. When people see your posts regularly, they are more likely to get back to your profile and engage. In addition, if you do not post regularly, then Instagram will not show your posts.

Use the preview app to find out what content you should post and when should you post.

Be consistent

Reply to comments:

Give and you shall and must get. That is true! The law of reciprocation also holds true here. You need to reply to others comments. When you reply, it makes people subconsciously obligated to reply to your comment. In addition, people get identified by your thoughts and ideas. Interestingly, humans love the people who show interest in them. So, ensure that you reply and you will get the reward over the period.

Ask questions and run contests:

Life is not a noun in fact it is a verb because it is moving consistently. If you look at your mind, you would realize that it is moving constantly and so is the case with everyone. So, ask questions and people will reply because the mind is always seeking direction. Make sure that you guide your follower’s minds.

That is not all you can run contests too. The human has been trained to be competitive. It feels good to win. Perhaps, that is why you spend hundreds of dollars to watch soccer match because you want to feel the elation and thrill of victory. By running contests, you will once again address the human’s subconscious motifs.

Ask questions

Make friends:

1000 followers on your profile might look good but it will be of no value if they do not engage. After all, life is all about sharing. So, make it a point that you do not get obsessive about getting more comments instead try to make real friends and genuine friends.

An authentic gesture, a compliment or an inspiring word can make others happy. It does not make sense to live in this world without happiness because all your wealth and success would be of no use if you fail to bring a smile.

You can certainly grow in relationships. Undoubtedly, the relationship would mean communicating with people genuinely.

Find like indeed people and start a conversation. You might end up getting a friend who can help you in your business or find a client for you. Do not confine your social media activities within the platform let it get translated into real life.

Post images with face:

The study suggests that posts with faces have witnessed more engagement. That is true, the human can relate to human faces more easily. Even a baby responds to human face even before it could learn the art of communication and reciprocation. Hence, post images with human faces and you are going to get more response and comments.

Post images with face

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Give away:

The human is influenced by rewards and punishments. Everyone loves to get a reward, so, ensure that you give rewards but you need to emphasize and mention the rules clearly. Ask them to do something. For instance, you can ask them to answer a question and give the winner a gift. You can also ask them to tag their friends with a funny caption and the best caption will get a gift.

You can be creative while running gives =away campaigns. Ultimately, gifts and rewards can bring more comments.

Give away

Image Source: Tailwindapp.com

These are a few effective ways of getting more comments. You can use the preview app to understand your followers’ behaviours. In brief you should be experimental in your approach; there could be other ways too like posting animal images or animal influencer.

You can exercise your creativity to find more ways of getting genuine comments. Finally, you must be authentic and genuine n your approach because everyone loves to get connected with the people who are genuine, real and passionate. So some passion, do not get too obsessive about comments. Keep things cool and calm and slowly, you will get the best results. It is time to experiment with the above-noted ideas.

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