Discover Tricks And Benefits With The Rise Of Twitter Threads

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Twitter is one of the best platforms in social media that are in vogue. One can use Twitter to promote his/her business and to engage more customers in their niche. This year, Twitter launched a Twitter thread to increase Twitter’s engagement and reach. The Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets from one person. It helps the user in providing additional context, an update, or an extended point.

The primary objective of this move is to test if repurposing blogs posts into Twitter threads. It squarely helps you to increase Twitter’s reach and engagement. Also, drive more traffic to blogs than simple tweets with a link.

Here, we will discuss everything you should know about Twitter Threads like how to create a Twitter thread, its benefits as well as the tips through which you can bring engagement on Twitter posts via threads.

Simple Trick To Create A Twitter Thread-

  • Login In – Firstly, go to your Twitter account and log in with your username and password.
  • Compose A Tweet – Now click on the tweet button at the top bar. In your smartphone, just open the Twitter application and click on the blue feather icon to compose a new tweet.
  • Write The Content – Write your content under 280 characters. If your content is more than 280 character, then add another tweet. For this, click on the add icon at the bottom right corner and put your content in the new tweet box. To add more tweets, just click on the add icon again.
  • Post – After completing all the procedure, tap on the “Tweet all” button to post your threads on Twitter.


Benefits of Twitter Threads-


  • Get Tweets Noticed –Twitter threads give the best opportunity to make tweets noticeable because it is not a single tweet in threads. Many other tweets are connected with one tweet, and every tweet has its own permalink and can be individually clicked on, or retweeted. So, if you are sharing a link, the thread gives more chance to make your tweet noticeable and being clicked on.


  • Share Insight And Commentary – 140 characters was the challenge to write content effectively. With the increase in the characters limit up to 280, there is more freedom to share content with complete and attractive information.


  • Connect With New Audience– The Twitter thread is also the best platform to connect with a new Through threads, you can share different ideas, strategies and a lot more with a diverse audience.


Twitter has taken a great move by introducing threads as it can help users in multiple ways. One can generate a better audience with their descriptive format, one can drive potential traffic to his/her niche, brands can talk about their  USPs effectively and more. If you are planning to experiment with  Twitter thread, go ahead, and share your best performing Twitter thread in our comment section.


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