Twitter Now Lets You To Swipe Between Up To Five List

Twitter has been a brilliant source of information and an amazing platform for marketers and the average users to promote their daily posts and products. The network is the ultimate place where you can share your thousands of thoughts and can represent the content you want.

Twitter provides its users with a never-ending list of opportunities and is known for the best channel to present variant content types. And now, Twitter has come up with the new update, where it is allowing users to add up to five lists as alternatives timelines in the main Twitter app. Now, Twitter gives you the liberty to quickly swipe between different groups of accounts directly from your home screen.

Twitter tested the feature in June but introducing it now to every iOS user. The feature is now starting for iOS devices. The new feature is designed to allow Twitter users to be pinned to the Home screen and swiped between the different groups. Moreover, it allows easy access to multiple customizable timelines that would help every user to maintain the timeline as per his or her needs.       

Note: “Apart from this, Twitter users  now will be able to add five lists to the Twitter application, swiping between them on the home screen.”    

Twitter Now Lets You To Swipe Between Up To Five List

As an iOS user, you can check your tweet for a better look at how the multiple lists of groups actually work in practice.      

Moreover, the major purpose of Twitter behind introducing the new feature of swiping up between the five groups is to make every user able to use lists as either for setting up a filter for following a set of their timeline. Like, your co-workers or to create a themed timeline as per the people and business around (groups or fans of a specific team) which you do not want to follow specifically on your main timeline.

Twitter users have been using the list as secondary timelines for years now, especially on TweetDeck where the current list could appear in vertical feeds. But now, the new feature puts in front and center in the Twitter application at the right side of the main timeline.

Moving forward, the list you pinned to your timeline will follow the basic community standards of Twitter lists. You could make them private and public as per your preferences. Apart from this, you can also follow public lists from other Twitter users as you were practicing before. Users will also have the liberty to remove themselves from the list that other people have added them by simply blocking that particular user. Along with the new feature, Twitter is also recreating the design of its actual list page where it would be allowing the header image and more important view of list members and followers.

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