Twitter Does Not Notify Users If You DM Their Tweets

A viral tweet made by a user on Twitter has tricked people into thinking that Twitter will notify you if someone shares your post via DM. The tweet shared by the user included a fake screenshot showing “Horse Girls For Bernie 2020 shared your Tweet in a Direct Message.”

The viral hoax became so popular that the post got almost 4000 re-tweets and over 18,500 likes on the platform.

The tweet got enough traction that Twitter was forced to publish a tweet debunking the rumor.

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Twitter only sends notifications to the users if one of their tweets have been liked or re-tweeted, they are mentioned in a comment, someone follows them, or regarding recommendations for the content they might have missed.

Twitter also notify its users when they receive a direct message, but there is no chance that the users get notified if one of their tweets are shared in DM’s.

Over the weekend, several rumors claimed that Twitter was going to roll out a new feature notifying users if their posts get shared via DM. Don’t believe in any of such gossips and rumormongers as the social media giant has confirmed that you are not going to be alerted if you made a tweet and people start sharing it privately or make your tweets as the center of their discussion.

Twitter has been one of the best social media platforms which is also known as the small-blogging website where people come and share their feelings in a limit of 140 characters. Though it is fascinating to be on the platform, with the excitement the network always remains a topic of discussion due to its technical faults and the change the company makes. Now another topic that is creating a buzz in the market is its notifications of DMs.

It is strange that with such significant popularity and enthusiastic behavior, still, these platforms comes under notification due to their problems and technical faults. And if the news is true, then it would be unfair if Twitter notified the person if someone DM his tweet to other users. This is some kind of privacy interference that should not be boosted in any social media platform.

Other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more also faces critics a few months back due to their security and privacy issues. On Instagram, one user can easily check another activity status, and the thing he has liked and followed on the platform, whereas on Facebook, there is an entire journey of security and privacy issue people faced and the one big example of the problem is Cambridge Analytica data Scandal. Moving on, apart from issues in these social networks, there are tons of good options also that can help the user to grow in the digital world- but it only happens if the platform is used in a correct manner and right way.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms give a plethora of options to users to boost their business, market their brand and showcase their talent to the world, and Twitter is one that also gives them the power to reach to the people more quickly and efficiently than any other network.

Considering each and every point of the news and reports, it is cleared that there is no official announcement done by the company of notifying people if their tweets get DM to other people. This news was only the rumors spread by the anonymous people.

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