Twitter Added New Concept To Use Its Twttr Prototype App

Twitter is testing a new concept to make a way of liking tweets more accessible than before. On the other hand, CEO Jack Dorsey is complaining about the “like” button and threatening to kill the option completely as it encourages the wrong kind of behavior on the platform.

In the latest version of the twttr prototype which was released on Thursday allow users to like any tweet without hitting the like button, they can easily swipe tweet towards left. In the last update of the app, the gesture worked only on conversation threads in which the engagement button was hidden. With this new change, swipe feature will work everywhere within the app – Home Timeline, Notification Tab, Profile Page, even in the Twitter search results. In other words, this feature becomes a universal gesture.

Once you have developed the habit of swiping right to the left in order to like tweets, it might blow your mind that the new updated feature didn’t work on some places, but did in others. Still, it’s strange that the CEO continuously commenting about removing “like” button– even though the company is rolling out the new way to like the tweets.

The company is continuously making changes and introducing new updates to give a better experience to its users. The company is developing its products with the latest concepts, where users and Twitter’s team work together to develop the test and to launch the new features for Twitter. For now, the app is completely focused on rebuilding a new look of conversation threads. The app is also working on launching other smaller tweaks such as labels on the tweets within conversations – the update will highlight the original “Author’s” replies, or if a post comes from someone you’re “following.”

In August 2018, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he wanted some changes in the key elements of the app including the like button and followers’ count on the platform.

Jack Dorsey said, “the most important thing that we can do is we look at the incentives that we’re building into our product because they do express a point of view of what we want people to do — and I don’t think they are correct anymore.”
In October 2018, the CEO noted that how the Like” button spreads immoral kind of information.

At present, Twitter had a big button in the shape of a heart which encourages users to spend their every single minute on the platform. It also has a follower count in bold letters as “it felt good twelve years ago” Dorsey said, but now the company is inventing new ways to hide these options only to make the platform for genuine use instead of a competition place for gaining likes and comments.

As per the reports, the time when the news came out about removing the “Like” button, it quickly caught fire in the market. The news became controversial when Dorsey claimed that the Twitter “Like” button was going to remove completely. The company confirmed that “the idea has been discussed, but it wasn’t something happening soon.” Perhaps, the “Like” button is encouraged by Twitter’s users, so there is no surprise about the fact that the new change could increase its usage.

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