Twitter Is Still Accepting Public Submissions For Verification Secretly

Are You A Verified Twitter User?

Have you got that blue badge right next to your name? If you are having an account of public interest, you must verify your Twitter account. Right now Twitter has closed further submissions for its verification process and there is no official news regarding the opening date.

Twitter has few reasons behind pausing verification procedure, but before we get into the deep discussion of why Twitter has paused the procedure and what does the badge means located next to your name, we will let you know the basic steps to apply on the network to verify your account.

Steps  To Verify Your Account:

Step1. Gather all the information related to your account:

  • Put a real photo for you or your business logo 
  • Put your real name or brand’s name 
  • If you have a website on the internet, mention the link
  • Make your account public
  • Add a precise and crisp bio which makes your first impression informative and pleasant

Step2. Required documents:

  • Proof of identity such as driving license, voter ID card, etc.
  • Working links to your up-to-date portfolio, business website
  • Genuine reason for verification

Step3. Visit

  •    Fill the username
  •    Mention at least two links to your website or portfolio 
  •    Explain your need for verification within 500 characters  
  •    Submit your Proof of Identity    

After completing all the steps, you will be shown a message saying “ Your application is under review”.You can expect an email from Twitter after one or two weeks regarding the approval or rejection of your application.  

Is It For Everyone?

To get verified on Twitter, your account should be of public interest. The world public interest includes:

  •  Politics
  • Music
  • Films/theatre
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Journalism
  • Business

This verification is for people who are vulnerable to identity theft. 

Why Do You Need Verification?

There are tons of benefits of having a verified social media account, and here are some of the best advantages-

  •  It increases your trustworthiness: “If people like you, they will listen to you but if they trust you they will do business with you,” beautiful words by Zig Ziglar (renowned salesmen and author). Trust is an important factor behind the brand value. Once you have verified your account, it’s going to boost their trust in your brand.

Verification badge does not work as a  blue mark only, but it shows you as an authentic person over the networks. This nudges your audience towards your content and posts on Twitter. Moreover, it also makes you easily discoverable to the audience.

  •  It increases brand awareness: In the early stages of business development, branding is an important thing. How well people are familiar with your brand and how often they share opinions about it, tells a lot about your reputation in the market. The shareability of your tweets directly depends upon the blue badge. There might be many competitors in the market from average to renowned brands-getting a blue badge that gives your business a slight edge from others. 
  • Adds accountability and security: To get verified, you have to validate your email id, date of birth, and phone number. All this information has to be genuine. Hence by doing so, you are making your account more secure from hackers and bots. Someone can play badly to tear down the reputation of your brand for example if someone puts a piece of false information about your product on Twitter, people are going to check whether the person who has tweeted, is holding a verified account or not. If the person is not verified from Twitter, people are not going to blindly believe in facts.
  • Increased followers and sales: More followers leads to more sales. It’s a direct formula. People who got the verification done have seen a rise in the number of followers and retweets. 
  • Secure from identity theft: A number of times we have seen that Twitter accounts of big names get hacked. Sometimes people want to say something to the whole world so they target people with huge followers on social media just to gain mass attention. Sometimes people replicate the accounts just to create chaos. But a fake account will not be able to get a blue badge hence the verification process helps in spotting the genuine one.

Problem With Verification:

“Verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance. We recognize that we have created this confusion and need to resolve it. We have paused all general verifications while we work and will report back soon.”

This is the tweet that came back on Nov 9, 2017, by the Twitter support team. The whole plan was a mess. Lots of politics happened over Twitter’s verification. People denounced it for many reasons. People started using verification as an endorsement. After Jason Kessler, controversy, Twitter stopped the verification process however they assured us to come up with a more robust solution sooner. According to Twitter, the verification program is not their top priority. Twitter stopped verifying their accounts in 2017. But lately, Twitter has been charged for violating its own self-imposed ban. Many users are being verified on a day to day basis even when the ban is going on.

Jason Kessler

How Twitter Has Changed The Game Of Politics?

  • Twitter allows the candidate to directly communicate with voters and listen to their problems. We all know that online fundraising is hassle-freeas compared to offline fundraising. It’s relatively easy to go to a platform and look for people who can donate money or need money for a noble cause. Suppose a potential candidate wants to address a specific problem in an area, he or she can directly connect to people out there.
  • Helps in political campaigns using paid advertisements.

 How paid advertisements can help not only for political but for a normal person too?


         How to create an awareness campaign?        :

  • SignUp or Login to your Twitter Ads account.
SignUp or Login to your Twitter Ads account
  • Click on “Create campaign” on the Ads manager panel.
  • You will be shown a list of Twitter campaigns. Choose “Awareness”.
Choose Awareness
  • Fill the name of your campaign along with funding source and campaign dates and budget.
Fill the name of your campaign along with funding source and campaign dates and budge
  • Now you have two options to choose from-either you can start your campaign immediately or you can set the start and end dates.
  • There are two types of bid:
There are two types of bid

1. You can go for the first one which is an Automatic Bid and the second one is Target Cost. Twitter uses automatic bid optimization at minimal cost -if you choose Automatic Bid while in Target Cost, you can decide the bid per 1,000 tweets. In this, the campaign will automatically optimize the bid as per the decided target value.

2. You can select one of the two optimization options available to you by Twitter. Maximum Reach (to maximize the reach of your campaign ) and Reach with engagement (to maximize the reach while sustaining the engagements).

  • By clicking on the “Targeting” tab of the campaign setup, you can choose your audience.
clicking on the Targeting tab of the campaign setup
  • The final step is to launch your Awareness Campaign.

        2. Tweet Engagements( engagement with your audience by   retweeting)

        3. Followers( boosting your followers)

        4. Website Clicks(generate traffic on your website )

         5. App installs( get app downloads )

Other Benefits Of  Marketing On Twitter:

  • Analytics helps in prioritizing money and problems: For example, one can tweet when a maximum number of the target audiences are online. This will increase your engagement and retweets. Not every tweet on Twitter is going to be a massive hit every time, so one should keep track of his or her best-performing tweets and produce similar content for the next tweets.  
  • Fundraising and outreach expansion: Apart from broadcasting, Twitter can also help in fundraising for a variety of purposes like for a non-profit organization (NGO), charity, political campaigns, etc. A strong cause for social or personal problems constrained in a  280 character limit can let you raise the amount of money you need. 
  • Psychographic profiling: Psychographics refers to the study of consumer behavior towards a product. It focuses on customers’ emotions, values, personality, lifestyle, opinions, and attitudes. Surveys and questionnaires help a lot in getting the audience’s psychographic data.
  • Feedback and polling representing public opinion: The best part of polling is that the user gets notified after the polling finishes. It’s a creative and interactive way to connect with your target audience. Putting hashtags on your poll increases its reach.

The default duration of a poll is one day. The minimum amount of time for a poll is five minutes and the maximum time is seven days. Polls allow you to ask questions directly from your target audiences and get instantaneous feedback.

Twitter And 2020 Elections:

Lately, Twitter decided that the congressional candidates need to win the elections to get verified. When a congressional campaign representative requested information about getting verification for their candidate via email, a staff member for Twitter’s government relations team replied, “Unfortunately, the general verification program is currently closed while we review our policy. In the meantime, we are only submitting requests for elected government officials and agencies.” Having a verified account on social media gives a candidate an edge over others in the competition. It gives them legitimacy. 

Congressional candidates are not facing the same issue on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. These companies have verified their accounts within 24 hours. According to these new congressional candidates, some people deteriorate their names by making fake accounts and spreading hatred in public. They need their accounts verified before elections to stop this happening.

We have seen how verification is important for your brand reputation and personal safety. But one should not take the verification for granted. One can lose the blue badge in many ways. For example, by changing a username, you lose the badge. However, you can change the email, phone number, etc. Twitter is currently working on implementing the verification process in a much more critical and robust way. Sooner or later the verification program is going to start again. 

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