Speech Bubbles And Other Interesting Features For User-Friendly Experience

The known and successfully growing social media platform, Twitter in the midst of constantly bringing up new updates such as that of increasing the character count within a tweet or improving the media attachment options. Now the company has decided to bring out another specialized way of showing the display of tweets, which will come up in the coming weeks.

This beta program that will be introduced to us will have the unique and entirely different feature of speech bubbles, indenting, and it will show the people we follow or to whom we reply with different showing colors. These are all included in the beta program.

However, some features which are not a part of the beta program, like the status availability is also going to roll out soon. This feature will work by displaying a green bubble beside the beta users’ name when they are online while using the app, just the way we have seen on Facebook and Instagram active status mark. The website claims that having seen the active status of any user, people will be able to interact, i.e., re-tweet, comment, and even start a conversation at the moment.

Another notable feature that will be available within a span of time is about the “ice-breaker” tweets, which are useful in starting a conversation related to certain specific topics. Here, the users will be able to start a conversation by tweeting their “ice-breaker” tweet, and people can reply to them to continue the discussion about the particular topic. People will be able to attach extra tags in their tweets to give additional information regarding their reference in that particular tweet, for instance, adding a reference of a YouTube video.
These are some of the tests that Twitter is going to employ in its posting of tweets. All of these experiments will soon come into action.

Cyberbullying and cyber-crime are prevalent issues these days. And social media is focusing on to encourage a healthier lifestyle among people in terms of social media interactions. Twitter, at the same, has been working towards the same for many months now. The company aims to reduce all the issues related to any sort of harassments, any infuriating comment, messages, or tweets. The company, however, does not aim at pointing towards the harassment and other issues directly, but aims at an environment which is free from all these evils and encourage positive interaction among people who are on social media. This means no offensive or abusive content in any way. The users should not harm anyone’s feelings or sentiments through what they write.

The applications to participate in the mentioned beta program will be started to be approved by the app soon in the near future. These applications will give liberty to the users to access the mentioned new features.

This news about the new beta programs was enrolled few months before as well, but since Twitter was under the process of improving its content for the users and planning on the newly refined guidelines, the task was delayed and hence has been postponing since then.

The app, however, has been working upon these updates since a long time now and the updates will officially be worked upon, anytime sooner. The users are eagerly awaiting these updates, as clearly they seem quite appealing already, in terms of new ways of tweeting and making the content all the more interesting and will make the users develop a more keen interest towards it. With time, we will get to know how far the website’s plan will be successful.

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