Twitter Glitch – Messing Number of Likes and Retweets

Twitter Glitch


Twitter’s users across the globe have complained about the fluctuations in their likes, and retweets. Twitter has a strange technical issue messing with likes, retweets, even with notifications. The problem is at the global state, but Twitter is trying to resolve this random technical glitch which has caused the irregularity in likes and retweets.
According to reports, in the initial days of February, a Twitter issue, explicitly targeting the Android users, started showing up some random retweets from an unknown user on people’s timeline. Later, the company revealed that the issue had mislabelled the “social proof” tag on retweets because of which users have posts from unknown people. Moreover, this random issue of fluctuation of likes and retweets is another major error needs quick correction.


“The random and uninformed fluctuations, nevertheless, there are speculations that whether Twitter’s attempt to clear out the fake accounts on its platform or if it was just an attempt to look for dubious content.”


While some users are conjecturing- Twitter taking away the likes itself, some are wondering- if Twitter is suspending account on its platform. However, Twitter has not unveiled the exact reason behind the glitch, but it stated that they are working to rectify the technical issue and also made an apology for such unintended inconvenience. Now, we can only look for the solutions Twitter attempt to troubleshoot the problem, until then we can just wait.

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