Twitter Giving TweetDeck Some Much-Needed Love

“TweetDeck– is a social media application for the management of Twitter accounts. It enables users to tweet, reply, retweet, send DM’s, and manage multiple Twitter accounts in one single interface.”

Twitter announced on May 17,  2019, that it is giving TweetDeck some much-needed core features including GIF’s, polls, and emoticons. All these features have been a part of Mac application and desktop version before it got shut down last year. However, TweetDeck for years has denied in the periphery of Twitter’s road map, getting new features late or not at all.

On May 16, 2019, TweetDeck made a poll asking people about the missing features that they would like to see on the app. Twitter also mention in the statement that they would be bringing all the mentioned new elements and also additional features like image tagging and thread support to TweetDeck.

TweetDeck tweeted on May 15, 2019 –  “It’s just a test for now, but we should expect the new features to arrive at some point in the coming months.”



It is not that TweekDeck is facing a problem from not having all these features. As you can drop emoji, you can copy or drag an image or GIF  from the desktop, and you can also create a poll from the desktop version of the app and view the results in TweetDeck. All these changes are just goodwill of Twitter to show users that the app is still in its good graces.

Twitter has had a habit of buying new products and incorporating its main features into the app and finally breaking its link with the services that made all those features popular in the first place.

However, with TweetDeck (acquired by the company in 2011) has remained a kind of fortress of substitute Twitter use. No one can still predict when Twitter is going to cut down links with the app (TweetDeck), but after these type of announcements, one can assume that it’s not going to happen soon.

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