Is Twitter Holding Onto Users’ Deleted Direct Messages?

Twitter preserve users’ direct message (DM) within the application even after they have deactivated their accounts. A security researcher revealed that the direct messages can be found on Twitter, the social media giant kept the direct messages of users for many years in the archive section even the message was deleted years ago.

In a blog post, a researcher discovered that Twitter has been holding direct messages from accounts that were deactivated or suspended’ further he shows his concerns about how long the data is being held onto by Twitter. According to the blog post, the researcher tweeted – “DMs are never ‘deleted’ – rather only withheld from appearing in the UI.” Means, one can view the deleted messages in the archive feature even after he has removed or deactivated his account.

In the respond of the researcher’s tweet, Twitter’s spokesperson said that the company is looking for the problem and ensure to deal with the entire scope of this vulnerability. Though Twitter is looking into the issue, the bug is still a significant problem as the current policy of the Twitter state that the user can scrub messages from their account but others in the conversation can easily view their messages. This can be the reason for deleted direct messages to still be visible in the archive section. Also, once the users deactivate their account, the whole of their data will be deleted permanently within 30 days.

But the problem can be a major dilemma in many aspects as the privacy of users are getting interrupted by others or the Twitter norms. This needs to be rectified as soon as possible according to the researcher as this can harm anyone anytime. This can be called a security flaw rather than a bug or a technical glitch.

But think of this way; even if you delete messages, the other person still has the copy of your writeups. This should get fixed! Twitter always have been in a news due to its continuous problems, last year a sudden glitch appeared because of which users’ private tweets got public. In the second month of 2019, users encounter a constant fluctuation in their likes and retweets. These regular issues are causing a massive loss to the users and the credibility of the company. Therefore, Twitter needs to look for permanent solutions to fix these issues.

What are your thoughts, what do you think about Twitter keeping your DM that you thought were deleted? Let us know in the comment section.

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