Top 12 Best and Easy Tips to Get More Twitter Followers in 2018

Twitter is a powerful tool to brand your blogs, business, and your content if it is used correctly. It can help you to market your brand, generate leads, build up your connections with your prospects. But the problem is, if you have no followers then you could not enjoy and experience all these benefits.

Having an active participation Twitter is not just about reputation, and the followers are not just only numbers. Twitter followers are valuable and significant for business; in fact, 40% of marketers accept that they have gained customers engagement by using Twitter.

This tutorial will discover at 12 best ways through which you can increase your Twitter followers-

1. Start with your Profile:

When you follow someone you expect them to be a real person, but when it comes to Twitter, there is a lot of fake accounts. This is why your profile image should be an image of yourself when possible; people like to know who they are talking to. Moreover, if you are a business then it is far better to create an alternative Twitter account; instead of putting a business logo on your profile just to promote your business or brand.

Start with your Profile

2. Retweet:

Retweeting is one of the best methods of curating content and is a smart technique for expanding your reach and getting more followers. Retweet to the valuable content from brands and business in your niche.

3. Mention People:

Mentions increase engagement of the audience because they catch the attention of the person mentioned. To mention in some tweet simply include their @username. Moreover, if you are retweeting about someone else’s blog post, it will be a good gesture to mention the author. With your luck, if they will see it, they will follow you. But it does not stop there- They may also retweet it to their followers, that may reach and bring you, new followers.

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 4. Tweet At the Right Time:

Casting your tweet while your target audience is sleeping would not help you to gain new followers. Examine the best time to tweet to engage more people to see your tweet. While time schedule varies from audience to audience but the most estimated time that can be perfect for posting your tweet can be evening and late night. But the best time to tweet across different time zones, it is important to examine and find the times when your audience is most engaged.

The most popular time to tweet:

Noon to 1:00 p.m local time

Between 11: 00 p.m., peaking between noon and 1:00 p.m

Tweet At the Right Time

5. Customize your Color Screen:

Customizing your account with some color is a great trick to add elegance to your profile. Here, you could also take a step further and use a similar theme and colors according to the design of your blog. This will help you to keep your branding more consistent.

6. Get Involved in Twitter Chat:

Twitter chat is an enormous way to reach people of similar interests and gain more followers. So, it would be an advantage if you would get in Twitter chat more often.

Some guidelines about Twitter Chat:

  • Don’t get in a rush to hijack the Twitter chat, let others talk first.
  • Avoid posting your brands or products link in a Twitter chat-until and unless asked.
  • Make sure, everyone can see – so tweet with elegance.

7. Tweet More- within reason:

Tweeting for the sake of getting more new followers is not a good idea and neither tweeting so much that your followers get sick of it.

Tweet More

8. Keep your Followers Engaged:

What is the point in having 1000s of Twitter followers if they are not getting any engaging content with your tweets? That is why it is imperative to have good content that can approach your target audience and make them active towards your Twitter account.

Moreover, if someone retweets to your tweet, then be sure to reply back and thank them with a personal message.

9. Use Hashtags:

Hashtags enable your tweets to be found in the Twitter search, so it helps to increase your growth and extend the visibility of your Twitter posts. Discover some of the statistics that show the reasons to use hashtags-

  • Tweets with hashtags get more engagement than the tweets without hashtags.
  • One or two hashtags will help you earn 21 percent more engagement.
  • A tweet with at least 1 hashtag gets 50% more retweets than a tweet with no hashtags.
  • Make sure that you don’t make over the use of hashtags that can be annoying to the followers.

10. Optimize your Twitter Bio:

To optimize your Twitter profile there are three straightforward steps:

A clean profile photo:

Social photos and the unobstructed facial photo is perfect as the replacement of high-rebrand logo.

Relevant tags, industry keywords, and location information:

In shorts and concise manner, you should mention your profile describing what you do, your interests, your title and about your work.

A taste of your personality:

Mentioning about yourself to give your followers a sense of who you are. It will work as a plus factor for your Twitter.

11. Ask for it:

Ask people to follow you on Twitter. Let them know about all the interesting discussions, topics, and chats as they will likely to find if they follow you.

12. Link out to Influencer In Your Blog Posts:

There are people in your niche who have direct control over your target audience. They may hold a large audience of their own, and you can easily enter into them. Whenever you publish any blog post, try to link out influencers and letting them know about it. You can notify them through Twitter, Google+ or email. It will help to grow followers as quickly as possible.

Well, did you learn the easiest and best tips throughout the tutorial? Have you ever use such tricks to increase the number of your followers? Give an attempt and check if these tricks also work for you.

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