Tip For Watching & Scrolling Between Two Users’ Instagram Stories

Watching and Scrolling Between Two Users Instagram Stories

Instagram has been one of the favorable platforms across the globe which is used for both personal and business purpose. And its story feature has taken its market to the next level of success as the Story section is attracting users more than any other feature. You will see a chronological feed of the videos and pictures the person has published over the past 24 hours. Story feature popups at the top of the main page of Instagram, where you can see others’ current status just by clicking on the round shaped popup menu surrounded with a red outline. And the best part is, you can easily scroll between two users’ stories with the quick workarounds.

Note: You can skip forward, backward and pause while watching someone’s story.

Quick Watching & Scrolling Between Two Users’ Stories:

  • Tap on the left of the screen to go back to the previous photo or video. “You can also click on the right side of the page to skip to the next one.”
  • Swipe right or left to skip between users’ stories
  • Tap and hold the screen to pause on a photo or video

When you watch someone’s story, s/he will be informed that you have watched their story.

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Instagram stories allow to tell more about you than any other album, and even it the source to know what your friends are up for. While sharing the story, you can add additional effects, choose a template, yet you could work with your favorite influencer to tell your story.  Stories section also create excitement to see other stories. The platform provides multiple options to its users and scrolling between two different stories is one of them.  Hopefully, the information in this tutorial helped you regarding any doubt or query for scrolling between stories.

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