Things To Remember If You Are A TikTok User

TikTok User Guide


Micro-vlogging app TikTok has won millions of users heart, and stunned market with its capability.  Once you start using this app, you cannot resist yourself to use the platform. This app is beyond promotional activities as it adds fun with perfection, and enjoyment with laughter, we can consider the app as a pool of fun getting love globally.  There is a lot more about TikTok which cannot be avoided like its duet feature, editing videos, and mixing up dialogues. With such super cool features and options, we can say it works as an accessible platform where users can work well without any mess.

So being a TikTok user, you must know what the app offers to you with privacy and safety opportunities.

1. Save Data And Watch It Offline:

TikTok enables you to download videos, means you can watch them offline whenever you want to. You just need to click onto the “Save video” button to download the video on your device. After this,  you will find the downloaded video on the default option.

Note:- {If the download option does not appear on the screen, means the user has restricted the downloading option.}

2. Convert Videos Into GIF And Circulate Among Your Friends:

convert video to gif

As a TikTok user, you can go creative with your video like you can turn your TikTok videos into GIF and share it with your friends and to all other social media platforms, you are using. Hit the “share” button on your video and then click on the “share as GIF,”  but before that, you need to download your video into your default photos app.

Note: {As a TikTok user, you can also preserve GIF, watermark or unlike videos.}

3. Block Others From Saving Your Videos:

TikTok gives you an opportunity to prevent your videos from being saved on strangers’ device, which is one of the best features one can have on their social media platform.  The app provides you the easiest way to restrict downloads of your videos or content that you share on your account. There you just need to click on the profile icon in the navigation bar, and then hit the ellipsis icon on the top right corner. Go to the “privacy and security” option and then tap on  “Allow downloading.” Further select “off.” This will save your videos from all the creepy and unwanted people.

Note: {But there is no key to stop users if they use third-party apps to download your videos.}

4. Rapid Response:

If you are watching others’ video on TikTok,  you can select options among “save video,” “react,” “duet” to show you reaction towards their video.  These three features will appear after you long press on the video.

5. Live Wallpaper Of Your TikTok:

Live Wallpaper Of Your TikTok

If you have one of your favorite TikTok videos and you don’t want to take off your eyes from it, and you really want to show that video to all the users who hold your phone, you can do it easily. Yes, TikTok provides an option with which you can make your favorite video’s live wallpaper and can set up on your device.

Note: {Setting TikTok video’s live wallpaper differ for both Android and iOS users.}

6. See All Your Favorites:

On TikTok you can also maintain a segregated list of all your favorites users, videos, hashtags, songs as well as the effects.

7. Add Your TikTok Account Private:

If you do not want to showcase your videos or activities to the public or want to set up your account private, then TikTok has something for you. Yes, the app offers various options through which you can set up your account private.

To do this, you need to click on profile icon and there select the private account.” This will secure your account from stalkers, and fraudsters. The application gives you access to your security and entitled you to select the person to whom you want to show your activities.

8. Delete Your TikTok:

If you ever upload video content on TikTok with which you are not satisfied, then you can delete it easily. Yes, TikTok offers an option with which you can delete your video from your account immediately or later. You just have to go to the settings section, and there you will have the “delete” option.

9. TikTok Code To Connect With New People:

TikTok Code To Connect With New People

TikTok has a scanning feature available just at the top right corner of your account’s page through which you can easily connect with new users and brands. Once you click on the code, you can take a screenshot of it to save it in your device or to share with the person you want to add.  You can also scan others code just by tapping on the ‘ option where your camera will automatically start scanning the QR code of another user. This will take you to the profile of the person to whom you want to send a follow-up request after which you can watch his/her content. But this will only be possible if the person hasn’t set his/her account to private.

And there you have it: now it’s up to you that how you deploy the application. The app provides such a big list of amazing features. Use this information to make your TikTok account perfect for the industry.

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