TikTok Team Up With Internet Matters To Make The Online World Safe

TikTok Team Up With Internet Matters

TikTok is a Micro-vlogging app and has collaborated with “Internet Matters” for its commitment towards internet safety. Internet Matters is “not-for-profit organization” that helps to keep children safe in the digital world.

This collaboration will make families aware of the importance of digital well being while addressing common online challenges. Both TikTok and Internet Matters will be providing some practical tools to users that will help them to interact safely with the online world.

Patrick Nommensen, Global Public Policy, at TikTok said, “We are excited to join Internet Matters in this industry collaboration. Promoting a safe and positive experience is TikTok’s top priority since the very beginning, and we will continue to raise awareness around important issues including online safety and digital wellbeing”.

“Parents regularly tell us they feel their child has a superior knowledge of the latest apps and new technologies. They want to know more about what positive steps they can take to keep their children safe in the digital world,” said Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters.

She also added that: “Working in partnership with TikTok can ensure that we provide the very best advice and support for families when they need it most.”

(Source URL: https://www.internetmatters.org/hub/esafety-news/tiktok-joins-internet-matter)

TikTok offers advanced tools to deliver a safer experience for its users. Its major priorities are trust and internet safety in which they are continuously investing for their development.

The collaboration followed the Safer Internet Day initiative, which promotes safe internet for everyone. This campaign was an appeal for all marketers to work together to create a faster and safe internet world for everyone. During this campaign, 1.6 million users participated from 14 countries.

TikTok continues to offer in-app features which provide their users with the ability to choose the preferences in managing their online presence. Users can disable comments from videos – even restrict comments from unknown people, and report any inappropriate comment. The users can also use the “filter comments” where they can choose as many words as they want – up to 30 words and users can change the words according to their choice. Moreover, the user can easily set their account private which is one of the best features that allow users to share their posts with the selected contacts.

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