TikTok’s Next Test Is Creating Stars On Its Platform

TikTok– the app which allowed users to create short-form videos has helped a music producers on its platform to get into the pop stratosphere earlier this year. This particular accomplishment alone is enough to give a reason to celebrate the app success.

Still, this is just one way that TikTok has made the room into the music industry. Since the China-based company, Bytedance took over the lip-syncing application Musical.ly and relaunched the app as TikTok in the U.S. in August 2018, the app has managed to bring some old, dead-in-the-water songs into the trend so well that labels have started to promote singles from 2017 and 2018– Absofacto’s “Dissolve,” Kyle’s “Hey Julie” as if they were launched yesterday.

“If you have a viral song on TikTok then you can get a multi-million dollar deal out of it,” said Daniel Awad, the owner of the Good Luck Have Fun management company which works in collaboration with “Mason Ramsey and Oliver Tree”– one of the best reason for a song to get viral on TikTok.

Labels are eager to invest their money on the platform as they have a belief that there is a secure connection between success on TikTok and success on other streaming platforms, especially “Spotify.” When “Dissolve” started to feature thousands of TikTok videos on its platform, it also increased the plays of the particular videos on “Spotify” by about 20 times and with an instant pace too.

Now that, TikTok has pushed a series of viral videos on the top charts of “Spotify” the app analysis has entered a new phase. TikTok moves songs so fast that it can be difficult to put any foundation underneath the act if there wasn’t one there before.”

On seeing this, major labels and management companies have started to work on turning such viral moments into durable careers. There are already a series of viral acts on the platform which are vying to be TikTok’s next star.
As per the research, stars who got viral on the platform, it was found out that Flo Milli’s “Beef FloMix” which reached number two on the Spotify charts was once depressed and aggressive. He said, “I do what I please, and you do what I ask.”

Another famous muser shared about his dream and said when he was younger, his dream job was to be YouTuber,” but her parents laughed at her. She didn’t stop there and started a YouTube channel in middle school and also spent time on other platforms that draws a comparison with TikTok. And, later she made the content all over the place.

These two great examples showed the success of the app, where people are willing to join the platform and publish their content to a large audience. More of it, the platform has also become a place where different musers and creators can interact with each other and can express their feeling openly. All such success of the platform makes the place where actually stars are coming out in the world.

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