The Reasons Behind The Fast Growth Of TikTok

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TikTok – the app is suddenly everywhere on the internet, and its popularity is unbeatable. The app has climbed the Google Play Store and App Store ranking around the world. With 15-seconds clips of lip-synching, dancing, and skits, the app has become an integral part of global entertainment. The app is posing a threat to Instagram which is the most famous picture and video sharing app to the user in Asia.

Ever wondered how TikTok became popular within a short period of time? Let’s see the critical reasons for its success –

Its Viral Trends:

TikTok allows users to select and follow the music they want to perform. Also, they can share their creation with others easily. This simple trend engaged users a lot and made it possible for creators to showcase their talent. Slowly the app released all around the world and was ranked as one of the highest downloaded apps.

Celebrity Strategy:

To reach the maximum number of users, TikTok used internet celebrities to strengthen its position in social media. It selected big brands, social celebrities who shared their own TikTok videos and uploaded them on other networks. They also created user manual videos so that anyone can easily learn and upload these videos themselves without any external help.

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) Technology:

AI  technology played a significant role in the success of TikTok growth as it helped the platform to deliver what kind of videos would capture users’ interests by including the options “like” or “follow” responses. Through feedback of the users, AI technology could provide more videos of a similar genre to attract the users’ attention. It means, TikTok understood what its user wants and what they desired every time they tapped on a video.

Focused On The Local Content:

Zhang Yiming, the founder of TikTok, stated the objective of the platform during its release, after which, it was clear that he is more focused on promoting localized content. Therefore, the company has managed to run contests in every part of the world with particular hashtags to drive more local engagement.

TikTok holds an account of million users. In a world, where everyone is fighting to be unique and attractive, TikTok made the users perform on a similar genre but in a different way. If we check data of other social media networking sites, every platform is full of TikTok compilations. Having said that, the app has already become another obsession for users.

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