The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Likes

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  1. Good Content Matters
  2. Consistent Posting
  3. Wise Usage Of Hashtags
  4. Engagement Groups
  5. Tagging Relevant Accounts

Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform, everyone knows about it be it kids, young adults, old people. The platform was initiated by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger which initially released 9 years ago in October 2010 particularly for iOS.

The social media platform released a version for Android users in April 2012, which bought the craziest boom in the industry. After the launch of the application for Android users, it gets the best amount of user engagement as compares to other social media channels.  

Instagram Facts

Unknown Instagram Facts

(1) More than 40 billion photos have been shared in the Instagram history.
(2) There is more than 4.2 billion number of Instagram likes per day.
(3) Most followed Instagram user is Salena Gomez, with more than 11 million followers.

The platform provides users to upload images and enable everyone to upload videos too. The users of the giant can share any kind of content on their news feed, but with the community, standards offered by the network. Moving forward, they can easily click their picture from the help of application and can add different types of filters in it to make it more effective and attractive than before.

Beyond the privilege of sharing content and photos on the channel, users are free to add their location with the help of the map option. The overall calculation of the giant says that it allows its users to perform in an open platform with a number of advanced sources to the millions of people.

The giant provides different types of accounts that users can create over the platform and can share their content as per the preferred theme. The service was created originally allowing content that can be uploaded in a 1:1 aspect ratio along with 640 pixels image format to match with the displays of iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and SE. The format was later changed and users were allowed to post images with up to 1080 pixels.

More services were added such as messaging and features including the ability for users to put up to 10 photographs. With the launch of the platform in 2010, Instagram gained popularity super quick and according to reports it had 1 million active users in two months, growing with 10 million in a year, and 1 billion as of May 2019.

In April 2012, another biggest social media platform, Facebook took the service platform of Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock, and as the records say in October 2015, over 40 billion photos were uploaded over the social media networks.

Users can make their accounts as “private”, this means that they can approve any new follower requests manually and if they keep their accounts “public”, any user can follow them who have the same interests. Users can connect their Instagram account to other social networking sites, which provides them with an opportunity to share uploaded photos to those other social networking sites.

Around January 2011, Instagram introduced the hashtag feature to help users discover both photos and people with similar interests. And during the same year, in September, a new version of the application launched which included new live filters, instant tilt-shift options, high-resolution image options, and an updated icon.

Later in 2015, Instagram allowed its users to upload full-size landscape along with portrait photos and videos too on the platform, and dropped the previous requirements of a square frame.

Fun Fact: The most liked picture over the platform is that of an egg that was posted by the account @world_record_egg in January 2019, and this was done for the sole purpose to surpass the likes record of 18 million on Kylie Jenner’s post. The post broke the records and currently has 53 million likes.

most liked picture over the platform
Kylie posted an image of her daughter Stormi who was holding her thumb and the post had 18 million likes which was challenged by the page of @world_record_egg which broke the record gaining way more likes over an egg.

This is the post of the egg which broke the record of Kylie Jenner Instagram’s post over the platform having 53 million likes.

The social media network being a fun and interactive strategy to connect with new individuals and get found just lacks with one issue, its evolving algorithms. The above realism was only an outstanding exception as Kylie Jenner is a brand herself, this gave the page of @world_record_egg an immense exposure over the platform increasing a huge amount of likes that anyone wishes. However is it equivalent to everybody? The stage is giving adequate likes to everybody or not?

The appropriate response is a major “No” in light of the fact that Instagram is continually trying different things with its algorithms and changing its posting arrangements, be it photographs, stories, IGTV, videos and so much.

Instagram has been the greatest social media network with more than 1 billion clients and 71% of them of age 35 is giving an extraordinary chance to influencers and organizations with their distinctive account alternatives- for example, Business Accounts and Creator Accounts to develop and produce their deals and support.

This isn’t sufficient, as the clients are it organizations, influencers or traditional users, they don’t get an adequate measure of likes and exposure. For basic users, the exposure doesn’t make a difference, yet the likes do make a difference for each client.

With changing arrangements and algorithms, users are not getting adequate likes, Instagram being the Likes-Centered stage lacks at algorithms and users can just see the content which has an increasing number of likes in contrast with freshly posted content and it makes an issue for different users as they don’t get enough measure of likes and reach.

Businesses and influencers over Instagram have created accounts there with the goal that the businesses can create an ever-increasing number of sales and influencers can get more introduction.

Without likes on Instagram, nothing is achievable, the sustainability and getting the necessary measure of likes over stage has changed in the years.

It is the likes that help to drive users’ content to individuals’ feeds. Likes continually exhibit commitment. They’re something on which most users rely.

With specific hacks and tricks, users can beat the irritating algorithm and can get their content presented to an increasing number of individuals which will give them the ideal amount of likes. This guide will help all the users to gain the maximum amount of likes and exposure and give a skyrocket to the engagement process.

Good Content Matters –

It might sound self-evident, however, top-notch content is the most significant factor of getting likes on Instagram.

Users can tell when a brand or influencer has placed their time and assets into creating epic content and with the quality of content, they get more likes on Instagram accordingly.

Obviously, what makes ‘great’ content is a theoretical inquiry and depends upon the interests and on the way how relevant it is to the audiences.  There is no one size of the content that fits all the accounts. However, there are a few rules that users can pursue:

Establishing Theme Styles:

Color Schemes and Feed Aesthetics are always prevalent on Instagram grounds that make user profiles noteworthy and attracts audiences visually, the content with a unique style of the page holder grabs the attention of the group of spectators and if interested, the users get new followers and reach along with likes.

Correct Usage Of Cameras:

Using professional cameras and guidance are the best options to get the expected pictures. The right amount of light and background could save the user from buying expensive cameras and fixes.

Correct Usage Of Cameras

Note: Expertly created images to make the content stand out and are bound to get likes.

Consistent Posting –

The most straightforward option that the users can follow and see the results. Practically, the method seems super annoying but is the most beneficial and significant option to gain engagement and likes. It’s ideal to aim at and go to Instagram once every day. This gets users perceived by the Instagram algorithms.

It additionally tells users what the audiences demand from them. They can engage with audiences regularly and become more known with the business influencer or user image. Sharing posts in a consistent manner expands brand awareness for businesses. It brings results in about various zones like an expanded number of followers and conversions once users start to post regularly.

There’s not a fixed guideline for how often the users need to post on Instagram, but users need to remember that consistency is more essential than frequency.

The consistent posting can be tedious and the users can run short on content. The only route around this is to plan Instagram content which needs to be posted in advance.

Wise Usage Of Hashtags –

Hashtags are so significant with reference to Instagram, presumably more so than on some other social media network. The more individuals who go over the posts and appreciate them, the more likes and comments they will get. It is the best option so that new users with similar interests and demographics can find the content. Those preferences will help in pushing the content over Instagram to considerably more individuals feeds through the activities of Instagram’s algorithms.

Initially, the users were able to put up as many hashtags as they could so that they can reach out to more and more people but eventually Instagram changed its algorithm and now users cannot spam their posts with an enormous amount of hashtags. The platform is cutting down the spam, now the users need to follow some guidelines as to what kind of hashtags generates the most amount of likes and engagement.

Related Hashtags:

Users can investigate the ‘related’ hashtag recommendations. In the event, if users search up for the hashtag say  #cars on the Instagram application, it will show them the comparative hashtags dependent on what other related accounts are utilizing and searching for.

Related Hashtags
 The following image depicts an example for #cars- the users can similarly select any word they want to find a hashtag for and can browse the related category.

Using limited amount –

It has been surveyed that users who have used 11 hashtags gained 71% more exposure and likes in comparison to the users who have not used the hashtags or used them in an enormous amount.

Therefore, it is advised for users to use the maximum 11 hashtags to gain a great reach and likes without any troubles as spamming the posts has been identified by Instagram as a bot function. Instagram even shadowbans the accounts that mean the users can not make any post or comment on them which are displayed in their Instagram feed for a couple of hours or days.

Using limited amount of Hashtags
The image depicts an example of using 7 hashtags and it is already displaying at the first in the bakery hashtag.

Engagement Groups –

More or less, an Instagram engagement group is basically a group of users who are permitted to like and comment on every others’ posts when published.

Basically they make a ‘like for like’ strategy, however with genuine users and entrepreneurs supporting each other’s marketing efforts, as opposed to spamming bots. They are an incredible source to get preference and likes on Instagram, particularly in case if users are simply beginning over the network.

When a user publishes a post, they will share the details to the engagement group by means of Direct Message (DM), and all members in that gathering will promptly like and comment on the post.

The post can actually go from 0-100 likes in minutes (contingent upon the number of clients in the group). The reality is that as soon as the post goes up, the users interact with the post immediately after it’s been posted and it also gives a big thumbs up to the Instagram algorithm making the post visible to more new audiences.

It is one of the great ways to get likes in a short span of time as it is a kind of barter system.  There are no forcing options if the users want then they can engage in it.

Tagging Relevant Accounts –

The best way to reach new audiences is tagging the relevant Instagram users be it any other user, business, or influencer. This is only possible if the individual or business is relevant to the content that is being posted. This is a simple yet effective method as individuals for the most part value the acknowledgment.

They’ll normally react with a like or comment in the event that the users have referenced them by name. It’s an extraordinary method to make connections and establish new interested audiences. The audiences who are interested in them will automatically be diverted to the users’ accounts who have tagged them by seeing the tagged photos and thinking about the relevant interests. This is the basic method to expose the accounts and receive more and more likes.


These tricks are beneficial for exposure and getting more likes, some users may even get new followers and some might not. The greater part of these is that they can be executed day by day so users can make sure to incorporate them in their Instagram methodology.

Users need to keep in mind that to get more likes on Instagram, they need to be really steady. Utilizing these tips once and seeking after an extraordinary result isn’t likely and can not be obtained, so they need to read them over, get settled with them and continue executing!

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