How To Synchronize IGTV Videos With Facebook? What Are Its Pros And Cons?

Instagram has acquired the second position in being the most popular social networking site after Facebook. The site is a mesmerizing platform to share photos and videos and a fabulous place to engage people around the world. The craze of Instagram is escalating to such an extent that it has overpowered even Snapchat, which has made it one of the powerful tool in the marketing strategies.

Apart from the amazing filters, story features, and advanced setups, the IG has also introduced the IGTV feature last year. The feature of sharing and watching one hour long videos- later, the feature was also introduced as a standalone application which could be downloaded from the Play Store(Android) and App Store(iOS).

The demand for Instagram has always been the topic of buzz in the digital world, and its latest invention has made it the best among the rest of the social media platforms.

The IGTV application has gained immense popularity since its launch, but it also encounters thousands of controversies due to its vertical format because users were not comfortable with the format as they have the habit of watching the video in a landscape mode. But later the company introduced the landscape mode for the users so that they can use the application conveniently and easily.

The IGTV feature hasn’t reached the popularity as expected, but due to Instagram, the app became the known name in the social marketing industry. The platform lets the people go through the media videos shared by the people whom they consider as their favorite content creators. The best videos on the platform make the users stay on the site and enjoy every new content. Not just this, by viewing one video, the platform itself shows up related content, which keeps the visitors engaged with the application as well as with the content.

Quick Summary:

  • IGTV is an app which lets the users give their attention to the vertical format videos on their full-screen mobile content. The users can also choose to continue watching the videos from where they left or the last time when they viewed it.
  • It differs from the normal Instagram videos as it allows users to watch and share one-hour long video on the platform, whereas on Instagram, the users can only share sixty-second short video.
  • IGTV could be accessed directly through the Instagram application as well as via its standalone application.
  • Since its launch, IGTV has now reached more than 1 billion users.

There is no surprise that people have started giving more heed to Instagram than Facebook. However, the reason for Facebook being on the top is Facebook’s communities and the format of content it shares across the world. Despite, the people who use Instagram make use of IGTV more than other applications such as Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

But on the other hand, people usually have their maximum target audience on other social networks likes Facebook, so it is an important task for them to share IGTV videos on Facebook to reach their target group of people.

Arguably Facebook is the fantabulous platform to reach the maximum people around the world as the platform has the enormous engagement of people. Millions of people use the channel on a daily basis and share their content more frequently as compared to any other social networking site.

The time when Facebook took ownership of Instagram, the users on Instagram raised up as quickly as the rocket due to its popularity. People got the same platform with a new feature to share their content and to touch the ground of their love towards social network.

The collaboration of Facebook and Instagram gave the users multiple opportunities to lift their popularity and to market their content to a large mass of people at the same time. Users can share their Instagram content to Facebook easily if they have collaborated both of their accounts. Simultaneously, users can also share their IGTV videos on Facebook so that a good amount of people could get to know about the content.

One can choose to share their IGTV videos to the Facebook account, just the way one has the option of sharing their Instagram posts to Facebook. There are particularly three different ways in which this can be done and if you also want to share your IGTV videos to the Facebook account, then just follow the simple steps mentioned below-

Sharing The Video To Facebook Directly From The IGTV App:

Open the IGTV app and then tap on the “Cog icon,” which you will find in the lower right corner of your phone screen. Select the option of the “Linked Account, after which you will directly be able to share all your future IGTV videos to Facebook.

All you have to do is enable the option of sharing videos to your Facebook account. Enter the login details of the Facebook account while connecting both the accounts. This will sign the user into his/her account. Select the appropriate page on which you want to share your video.

You can also share your older videos to your Facebook by enabling the Linked Account option.

You can do this by going to your IGTV page and then going to the previously uploaded videos which you wish to share to Facebook now. Tap on the “+” icon and ensure that the Facebook account option is enabled.

If someone wants to share a new IGTV video, then the user has to tap on the Facebook Page option while uploading the IGTV video to the channel. Hitting the “Post” tab will share the video to IGTV and Facebook both.

1. Sharing The IGTV Video From The Instagram App To Facebook:

The users of Instagram have the option of sharing all of their posts to their Facebook accounts. They just have to choose whichever posts they wish to share to Facebook. If the users wish to share the posts automatically to Facebook, then they have to tap on “Linked Accounts” from their “Settings.” Just the way it is done in the IGTV app.

However, if the users wish to share a certain number of chosen videos on their Facebook while using the app, then they have to open the options of the shared videos and enable their sharing on Facebook, or any other social networking platform for that matter. In this situation, the user has to select the Facebook page or the profile to which they want to share the video.

2. Sharing The IGTV Video Through Web Browser:

Although the active members of IGTV access the feature either through Instagram or via its standalone application in their smartphones. However, there is still the option of uploading the IGTV videos from the desktop browser. Further, you have to simply log into your Instagram account and start uploading your videos. While uploading the video, you can also opt for a cool cover video or can write a short description of the particular video. Moving forward, you will have to click “Connect page” option under the IGTV application and Facebook Page. Further, you need to follow the screen instructions.

After completing all the steps, you need to check for the Instagram username and Facebook Page or account’s name when both the accounts are connected. Moving forward, tap on the “Post” button which will thereby share your IGTV videos to Facebook.

Benefits & Shortcomings:

Instagram Television, or the IGTV feature, has its own benefits and shortcomings. Let us take a look-

Share To Story:

Sharing a teaser or a short snippet about the video on your story could be the best way to create excitement in users’ mind about your upcoming project. Apart from this, you can also add covers of your video in the story section and can ask them about its looks and format.

You can also share the link of the IGTV video by simply asking the viewers to “Swipe up” on their screen in order to view the video at that particular time. This is a convenient and time-saving option.

Add To Bio:

The link to the IGTV video can also be added to the bio of the creator. This is also an essential point that one should remember. One can post the link of their most popular IGTV videos or their latest videos in the bio section to put a positive impact on the new user who freshly views the creators’ profiles.

One should always remember to ask their viewers to visit the mentioned link and give their feedback onto them.

Maximized Brand Reach:

The business accounts reach comparatively more customers, and their audience keeps on expanding while using the IGTV videos. This is important as the videos keep on appearing in the suggestion list of the people who are watching similar related videos. Secondly, the users who view a particular video can share the videos with other users as well- in this way the new users get acquainted with the latest videos and accounts.

Build Assurance:

The audience trusts those account which has posted content more frequently through different media options- by posting content quickly on your account could build your authenticity as well as trust among your followers.

Moreover, videos are more impactful and engaging than pictures or simply written content. This is why the followers find reliability with the account which has posted content on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged with your profile.

Vertical Videos:

One of the most noticeable features which makes IGTV more user-friendly is vertical video format-though it faces criticism in the initial stage, but later the users enjoyed the format while accessing the platform.

Recently Instagram has launched landscape mode for its users so that they can also enjoy the video in their convenient format.

Creating Schedules:

The social media marketers should know that creating content consistently helps the accounts to gain audience and popularity; therefore, they should always try to post video content in a proper schedule.

As a marketer or the advertiser, you should plan a timetable of posting your content in a way that continues with the regular intervals.

Choosing The Appropriate Length:

Choosing the right length of the IGTV videos gives the users the freedom to create and post the videos according to their ideal length. There are although exceptions, where people just cannot keep on posting long durational videos, but can also manage accounts if dealing with any particular business.

However, the longer durational IGTV videos give a strong competition to the normal IG videos which can only be of 60 seconds. This means any video which is of a longer length, obviously has to post on the IGTV in order to gain more views, likes, comments, and shares.

The point to be remembered is that the videos need to be concise and appropriate and neither too long nor too short. Moreover, it should be engaging and interesting. Just because you can create an IGTV video, doesn’t mean you can create everything as per your need- make sure what you are publishing is created under professionals’ support. While marketing or promoting your profile, it is important to know what is necessary and what is not.

Earn Through Likes:

One of the best benefits of sharing IGTV videos on Facebook is that you can get a great deal through the platform if you attain sufficient likes on your content. Facebook pays if the user has received the maximum amount of likes on their post; therefore when you share your IGTV videos on Facebook and if it gets popularity as per the channel’s criteria, you will get paid for it.

Simply means that IGTV is another relevant feature of earning money if it is being shared properly on the platform.

Directly Shareable In The DMs:

Like any other social media content, you can share your IGTV content through Direct Message. Yes, IGTV allows you to share your content through DMs with your followers and the people you prefer. This is the feature which has been appreciated by the users a lot due to its supportive action.

These are advantages of creating IGTV videos. Doing this, the users can share the same videos to Facebook which helps them to gain more audience. This means the audience which has not seen the video on IG will see the video on Facebook and hence gain the accounts more views.

However, despite this, the platform offers two shortcomings, that are:


The monotony of sharing IGTV videos to Facebook arises for that audience which has viewed the videos on IGTV or Instagram priorly. Same content on both the platforms could bother you, which can lead your reputation down in the market.

A social network is a place where everyone expects to have some unique and creative content rather than boring and similar content. Therefore, as an influencer, a marketer or an average user, ensure to deliver attractive, unique, and creative content.

“It is important for you to not focus on the number of likes you are getting, the real thing which matter is the engagement of the viewers or the visitors in your content.”

Shows The Need To Gain Likes:

If you share the same content in your every platform, then it shows your need and desperation for likes. Yes, this is a harsh reality, but it happens. If you are sharing the same content on every medium and the common followers of both the account are going through similar content again, and again then it could be a big drawback for your image.

Do not let your small mistakes to ruin your reputation as well as a profile in front of your viewers. Make out plans, schedule dates to share content, and create amazing content. Do not run behind the number of likes and never show your weakness in front of your audience.

IGTV has its own advantages and disadvantages, which matter if the users are not accessing the platform in the right manner. If the channel is used with the right terms and rules, then it would be impossible to encounter any sort of error or problem. You can always call upon IGTV and shares its videos on Facebook but with the right time and right format.

Pro Tips:

  • While creating an IGTV video, remember to create unique vertical videos of the ratio of 9:16.
  • Make sure that the content is worthy of being shared on Instagram and on Facebook as well.
  • Plan proper calendars and the timings of posting when the visitors are most active on both the platforms.
  • The length of the videos should be made in a way that they do not become boring at a point of time.

Using IGTV is not difficult, and sharing its content on any platform is a fun task which can be done within a few taps only if it is attempted in the right way. Though the sharing could take minimum seconds, but it won’t let you down in any case. Posting an IGTV video to Facebook does not give the users any regrets or whatsoever in any sense.

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