What Happen When You Stop Posting On Instagram For 90 Days?

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Posting consistently is one of the most recommended ways for organic reach on Instagram. But have you ever wonder what would be the result if you stop posting on Instagram for 90 days? Probably not, but look what we know about the outcome you might encounter if you ever stop posting on Instagram!

When you stop posting on Instagram for 90 days, then you might lose your followers, audience engagement, popularity, etc. When you are active on your account every day, you see your growth in followers, likes, and comments. Moreover, everyone wants to know about your next post and wait for it. But, if you don’t update anything on your account for 90 days, your followers’ mindset can be changed which can lead your follower to un-follow you. Means, if you stop posting for 90 days, your account will have a negative impact on your followers.

But you can also have the opposite result with the same activity. Yes, it is true. If you stop posting on Instagram for 90 days, there are chances of getting more followers. Many of the followers are genuine, who like your work and never un-follow you as they expect to have some useful and engaging content from you. If you do not show your activity on Instagram, still you can have potential customers. But, if you are promoting your business, it would be difficult to grow your account quickly.

Note:- { Probability of getting fake and spam followers increases if you are not active on your Instagram account.}

Let’s have a look into a real example- A blogger on Instagram stop posting for 2 months, and what he realized, he had massive growth of followers on his account. His followers count from 6,045 increases to 6,487. He gains 442 followers in 2 months where he did not use Instagram. Also, there was a drop of 82 followers which is not a huge amount as compared followers that added to his account.

This data has opened a lot about not posting for months on Instagram. Now you don’t have to worry if you do not post on Instagram from days and months. But make sure not to make it a regular habit as it can lead to damages if you are running your business on Instagram.

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