Steps to Mute/Unmute Twitter Accounts

Mute a Twitter Account:

Muting from a Tweet:

  • From a Tweet, you need to click on drop-down arrow icon.
drop down arrow
  • Next click on “Mute.”
mute tweet

Muting from a profile:

  • Head to the profile page of an individual you want to mute.
twitter profile
  • Click on the “Overflow” icon located at the right corner of the page.
  • Select “Mute” from the options listed.
mute profile

Note: {after muting an account, you will see a confirmation banner. If you have made a wrong step or need to undo the changes, you can click “Undo” to unmute the account.}

Unmute a Twitter Account:


  • Go to the muted account’s profile.
mute profile icon
  • On, you need to click on the “Mute” icon to unmute the person.
mute icon
  • On Twitter app for iOS and Android, click on “Unmute” located below “You have muted Tweets from this account.”
unmute on android

Through mute feature, you are allowed to remove an account’s Tweets from your timeline without unfollowing or blocking that particular account.

{Account you have muted will not know that you have muted that person and you can unmute them easily anytime.}

Muting a person from your Twitter account is an easy task that you can perform without any trouble-

  • For muting a tweet, go to a tweet and click on the drop-down arrow icon. A further click on “Mute” from the list.
  • For muting an account, go to the person’s page and click on the overflow icon. Here you need to select the “Mute” option from the list.

To unmute an account, you just need to follow an easy step-

  • On, click on “Mute” icon.
  • On Twitter app (iOS/Android), click on “Unmute” next to “You have muted Tweets from this account”

Hope the tutorial helped you, in case of any query or difficulty, write us in the comment section.

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