New Twitter Rules You Should Know

Recently Twitter announced that they will be implementing new rules and guidelines for the social media managers to keep Twitter safe and secure from spam. Not only one social media platform is suffering from spammers, but Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are also affected by the spammers. On social media, many users have fake and multiples accounts and it is a big reason for spamming. To prevent these problems Twitter introduced several significant changes in their rules. It introduced 3 rules which will be implemented from 23rd March 2019.

1. Posting the same content across multiple accounts

This means that if you have more than one Twitter account, you’re no longer permitted to post a similar content from multiple accounts. Instead, you need to create and post unique content on your different.

Changing a couple of words in your content will not work either and will be considered as a similar content. So, you need to create an original and unique content which have similar information. Otherwise, your account will be suspended by Twitter according to their Terms Of Services (TOS).

What does this mean for Social Media Managers?

  • You cannot post identical content to multiple accounts – Social media managers will now have to be more careful while posting their ad copies. They will have to include new information and insights.


  • You cannot create multiple accounts that are very similar to one another – Twitter does not allow you to create accounts which are similar to one another. If you are having multiple identical accounts, then Twitter will suspend all your accounts including your original or verified account.


If you have multiple accounts and want to post similar content on them, Twitter recommends that you retweet your content from one account instead of posting it from the other ones.


Posting Scheduled or Automated Multiple Similar Tweets – Twitter will no longer allow its users to retweet, like, or follow an account from multiple accounts. Some of the users also post similar tweets from one account after a long time frame. Doing this means you are violating Twitter’s term of services and you will be suspended by their new rules and guidelines.


What does this mean for Social Media Managers?

  • You don’t use Scheduling and Automation – Another violation of Twitter rules is posting similar Tweets over multiple hours or days, or scheduled copy content for future posting, by using Scheduling and automation. You cannot post similar content over multiple hours and days. If you are a businessman and you think that this post is important to post once again, then wait a couple of month’s to post it again so that you don’t risk suspension.


If you do this continuously then your accounts will be suspended. These are some tips to become free from suspension risk:-


  • Retweet on other users’ tweet.
  • Respond to your followers’ tweets.
  • Post videos, pictures to boost engagement.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Post-problem-solving

2. Posting Multiple Tweets to a Trending Topic –

There are many trending topics that you would like to use for promoting your brand, product or service. So, Twitter has decided to not allow other users to post multiple tweets by using the same trending hashtag. Twitter and many other social media platforms are suffering from artificial and fake traffic.


What does this mean for Social Media Managers?

Creating an artificial trending topic by continuously using a hashtag from one or multiple accounts will now be considered against the Twitter rules.

From now, social media managers will work manually instead of using automation and scheduling techniques to perform actions such as like, follow, and retweet. If you don’t follow the new rules of Twitter then these are some drawbacks:-

  • Twitter will suspend your account permanently
  • Twitter will ask you to verify your account by providing some personal information and documents such as a mobile number and other personally identifiable information.
  • Twitter will ask you to delete the content which is in violation of their rules.


However, with these rules in place, there are some inherent benefits, especially for the users.


  • Less Use Of Automation – Use of less automation and scheduling means low-quality content posted on Twitter will decrease and consequently, it will decrease the no. of fake profiles, spammy links, and bots. It will help in increasing good quality content.


To Promote A Brand – New Twitter rules will help an honest businessman because the fake brand profiles and accounts will be suspended and then they will no longer exist to post anything about fake products and services. So, the real brands will have a better chance of promoting their product and brands.

  • Community – When all the fake profiles are suspended then it will help you to communicate with others genuine audience and take their attention toward you. It helps to make a good relation with your followers.

Now, there are some strategies which help you to promote your business and become popular without violation of Twitter rules to don’t getting the risk of your account suspension. Let’s go

  • Retweeting – It is the best alternative option to tweet the same content without using automation and scheduling.


  • Create original and unique content – If you want to post the same content again which is valuable to post again just write it again in a unique manner with some additional insights and information.


  • Posting Images, Videos Instead Of More Text – To build your community on Twitter, you need to have quality content. Post more images, videos, and gifs instead of textual content. According to the Twitter report, 80% of Twitter users watch videos and images. So, this is the best way to get more and more audience on your content.

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