Photo Of Tiny Tree – 5th Most-Liked Photo On Instagram

most liked photo on instagram

A picture of a tiny tree has quickly become Instagram’s fifth most famous image in just three days, and it’s all because of Earth-friendly! — viral campaign. On 22nd April, a sustainable clothing company launched Earth Week campaign in honor of Earth Day. They have a mission to plant 5,00,000 trees to promote the growth of mangroves, tropical forest, and agroforestry. The main focus of the campaign was to share an impactful message through the image of tiny tree: tentree promises to plant one tree for every 10 likes the post receives.

When the company started the campaign, they expect that it would result in 5 million likes that encourage them to plant 5,00,000 trees, but they were completely shocked after seeing the result as they got the desired number of likes within in 24 hours.

Note: Tentree originally had a goal of getting the 5 million likes by Friday, April 26, but it only ended up taking 24 hours.


{Image Courtesy: tentree}

Since tentree reached its initial goal of getting 5 million likes on the post, the company set the new challenge to get 20 million likes by Friday. But they achieved their second target within a day which gave it the 5th position among the most liked image on Instagram.

The tentree stated on Instagram, “We are absolutely blown away by the response to our Earth Week campaign starting on #EarthDay, and cannot thank the social media universe enough for helping us reach our initial goal of 500,000 trees in UNDER 24 HOURS!”

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