Power Of Micro Influencers For Instagram Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies marketers and creators use to boost up their business and creations. Many companies spent over 1 billion dollars to work with influencers just to establish their brand/business in the industry. Not only the large business but small brands are also taking advantage of influencers to introduce their company and endorse their brand. If we particularly talk about one of the top social media platforms – Instagram, there are thousands of Influencers along with the millions of fan and followers.  Their endorsement/advertising fees usually end up between $250,000 -$500,000.

But most of the companies, especially small business doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on the famous influencer. Therefore they prefer to go with their low budget and endorse their product or brand with micro- influencers. Yes, a micro influencer is the best option for the person who has a small budget.  The best part about micro influencers is their fees ends up between  $ 75-$250 and they have a higher engagement rate as compared to macro influencers.

Here, the main question arises that how to reach the right influencer on Instagram, and we have mentioned the three significant points which you should think while connecting with the micro influencer –

Micro influencers can boost up your business in many ways, and they can fit right into your shoe with all the factors including budget, connectivity with audience, market value and more. Read on the tutorial to know the best reasons why you should hire a micro-influencer.

1. Less But Interactive Audience:-

Micro-influencers don’t have a huge amount of followers, but they have higher engagement with the targeted groups/audience. Micro-Influencer has fewer followers, but they often manage their active relationship with the audience by replying to comments or inquiries on their posts, and instantly interact with followers.

This constant and secure connection makes the followers inclined towards the brand and establishes an important relationship between customers and the company.

For example, if you hire a macro influencer for your brand who have billions of followers but he doesn’t interact with the audience then how will he attract your target group towards the major goal. On the other hand, if you are using micro-influencer for your brand, he will interact with the targeted group at its finest, which will definitely generate the audiences’ attention towards you.

2. Spend Less, Get More: –

Most of the brands can’t afford influencer because of their higher charges but micro-influencers do not charge you a lot.  Macro-influencer and micro- influencer might do the same job of advertising and endorsing your product but their fees vary at a large extent.

  • Macro influencers charge between $250,000-$500,000 per post.
  • Micro influencer’s charges between $75-$250 for one Instagram endorsement.

Micro influencers have genuine followers who genuinely show their interest in the influencer’s posts which will definitely advertise your product to the right audience.

3. Boost Sales:-

Of course, micro influencers work as a booster for your brand’s endorsement because of their less number of followers and direct interaction with the users. Micro influencers directly boost your sales due to their active status in the industry and genuine interaction with the audience.

4. Authentic Relationship:-

Micro influencers are loyal for their fans and always treat them like a friend. They never endorse those products and brands which they don’t believe in. Their real and authentic reviews make them highly credible sources. The best way to connect with micro-influencer is to send them your product or let them try out your service and tell them to honestly review it.

Either this trick will create positive publicity among the viewers or highlight the areas of your product or service which needs to be improved.

These are the best reasons which will make you think about micro-influencer while marketing any brand/business/product.

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How Does Micro Influencer Work?

Like every business, influencers also have their own working strategies to endorse your brand. They work in different ways to make your brand easily discoverable and unique from the others. Here is the list of things to know how micro-influencer work –

1. Create content/ videos about your product: –

When you hire an influencer for your brand, they convince the audience rather than just promoting and acting to earn money. They create articles, blogs, and film your product that gives the additional touch of the product to the audience.

2. Sharing On Their Other Social Media Accounts: –

Influencers also use social media accounts to promote your brand. They post photos on Instagram account and videos on YouTube channel along with your product. They review it by its price, benefits, instructions and much more.

3. Giving You Access to Their Site: –

They just not only work for money but also build a strong relationship with you on a personal level. Also, they provide you with access to their website so you can easily write a guest post that will help you to gain potential audiences’ attention.

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How Micro-Influencers Differ From Macro-Influencers?

How Micro-Influencers Differ From Macro-Influencers


Micro influencers have fewer followers, but they have a genuine audience that actually believes in them. If you hire a micro-influencer, you can expect a higher return on your small investment. Next time while marketing your product, before hiring a brand ambassador, keep micro influencers in mind.



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