How to Manage Sleep Settings On Your Twitter Account?

Sleep settings on Twitter allow you to manage an “on” and “off” time for Twitter updates. To set up the sleep settings, check the following steps-


Login Twitter.

Twitter sleep settings - login twitter




Click on your “Profile icon,” from the drop-down menu.

Twitter Sleep Settings- Click on profile




Choose “Setting and privacy.”

Twitter Sleep Settings- click on settings and privacy




Click on the mobile tab located in the left corner of the page.

Twitter sleep settings - click on mobile tab




If you have added your mobile number, you will see the drop-down box.

Twitter Sleep Settings- drop down box




Select your sleep time according to your wish, click drop-down arrows in the time zone to manage the time.

Twitter Sleep Settings- select sleep time




Tap on “Save changes.”

Twitter Sleep Settings- click on save changes




Note:- While setting up the sleep settings of your Twitter account, ensure that the time zone is correct. You can check your time zone in the account tab of your “Settings and privacy.”

To manage the sleep settings on your Twitter account, start with log into your Twitter account. Go to your profile icon and select settings and privacy. Further, press on the mobile tab, if your phone number is added, you will see the drop-down box. Now, select your sleep time and click drop-down arrows located in the time zone. At last, click on save changes. Hope, you find the information helpful, feel free to get in touch with us for any new ideas, creative thoughts as well as feedback.


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