8 Tricks To Make IGTV Channel- People Love

It’s been a couple of months since Instagram launched IGTV, a stand-alone app for watching an hour-long video in a vertical form. Instead of a few minute videos, video makers are now able to upload videos up to one hour or more in length. A little TV icon located on the top right corner of your Instagram’s home screen is IGTV. Squarely click on it to start watching videos, or download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

During one press conference, Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom  said, “There are no ads in IGTV but it’s obviously a very reasonable place for them to end up.”

Even with not getting revenue or having a way to monetize from IGTV,  all the content creators and marketers were creating their content for IGTV and experimenting new things during its initial days. People are loving to spend their time on IGTV as they are getting a way better videos than channel embedding advertisement and campaigns.

Let’s start with 8 simple tips to make your IGTV channel look great-

Do Not Jump Quickly:

Instagram videos are too short and last long for 24 hours only, but IGTV video is going live on your channel, therefore, make quality video content.

① Embed Good Visuals:

embebded good visuals

Do not upload poor quality content. Step forward if you want to make your channel stand out from competitors. Take help from professionals who are good on camera and shoot. Just because your phone capture good images, does not mean that you are a good videographer.

Quick Tricks for Best Video Shoot:

  • Shoot Steady Video.
  • Produce Creative Shots.
  • Practice Widescreen Videos.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Zooms and Pans.
  • Get Good Results When Shooting Outdoors.
  • Prepare for Indoor Video Shooting.
  • Position Lights for the Look You Want.
  • Compose Creative Interviews.

② Short Videos:

Until and unless you are a master in cinematographer or have great knowledge of direction, make four to five minutes of video for your IGTV channel. It is difficult to keep someone’s attention for 30 minutes or more. If you have a great topic for your video, then continue otherwise wait for the best one.

③ Create a Series:

create series

Engagement quickly goes up when a channel consists of a series or a  show. People love to watch short series rather than long regular content. People are more likely to subscribe to the channel because they want to see the next episode. What you can do is try to create a scripted show, tutorials over any topic, reality shows, or even a contest or a game show.

④ Add Some Special Effects:

Add Some Special Effects

You can also add some special effects to make your video great and attractive.  For Example: Try to run ads, teaser, short description, voiceover. You can also add graphics, good animation, and pop-ups to make the video hero of your channel.

⑤ Trailer:

For any marketing strategy, promotion is very important. If you are not promoting your work from your end, why the other person will do it for you! Make a teaser relevant to your video and run it in your Instagram stories, Instagram live and other social media platforms. It will give the glimpse of your work and topic to the viewers that will automatically generate their interest in your IGTV channel.

⑥ Swipe Up Link:

swip link

After uploading a video on your IGTV channel, embed the link on Instagram stories and bio. Whenever someone will land on your Instagram stories, they can squarely swipe up to your IGTV video.

⑦ Create Video Cover Image:

IGTV use the first frame of your video as its cover photo. But you have the option to edit a video’s cover image before uploading it. You can also create a different cover photo once the video is uploaded, so remember to make it perfect and astonishing that can attract the viewer’s attention.

cover image

Though IGTV does not pay you for your video, it works as a great platform to showcase your talent and market your brand.  1 billion users are there on Instagram worldwide which is a great account among the top-ranked social media platforms that are in trend. 1 billion users mean at least 80% of people are a part of IGTV application, or they watch IGTV videos. According to this statistic, if you post any video for marketing your brand, approximately 60% of users are likely to watch your video, which is a good rate for marketing.  IGTV is an incredible platform for all the beginners and established creators who love to watch and share videos.


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