Instagram’s IGTV Need More Enhancement To Be The New TV in 2019

The two conspicuous factors that every social media platforms have is their objective to stand in the market alone and embedding users friendly features to engage them. Instagram is master in both factors rolling the competitive atmosphere with its new updates and a billion of users’ engagement worldwide.

A couple of months back, Instagram launched IGTV app for watching long videos in a vertical format. It is also incorporated with Instagram as a little TV icon on the top of Instagram’s home screen.

On its launch at San Francisco, the company introduced its features and objective. The idea is well designed in the form of mobile application,  but Instagram did not cover the most important factors to make it a successful replacement of TV in 2019.

If Instagram wants users to create and share content on IGTV than any other platforms, then Instagram has to pay the creators, they should add some manual personalization tools, engaging features as well as several creators incentives. Other top social media platforms that are in vogue consistently managing their position with their encouraging activities that help to keep users engaged with their apps.

IGTV is fully fledged with features that you expect from any application like it has a vertical format for watching and sharing videos, the application is available on both the App Store and Play Store, “Effects” that are usual for today’s app, but there are some handful aspects IGTV misses out to be the new TV in 2019.

The Vertical Format

vertical video

IGTV only allows a vertical format for any video that directly matches the orientation of mobile phones, but the issue with this facility is- you cannot rotate the video if you wish to. The vertical format is best to attain mobile traffic, but it does not work well as expected.

However, if you want to watch movies or any series you do on other platforms like YouTube, IGTV would not provide you such facility. It is fine to watch a few seconds videos in a vertical format, but watching long hour movies in vertical format is not that fun.

Customized Tools

You will not be able to manage or optimize your account through any customized tool as IGTV does not offer the facility. It is completely dependent on Instagram’s algorithms. Other platforms like YouTube and Facebook allows you to mark something in which you are not interested, or you do not like, but IGTV does not allow to mark the video quality.

Cross-Platform Issues

IGTV is limited to Instagram, you will have limited experience as you can only watch IGTV videos on mobile and web applications. You cannot embed its link, or the video on other websites as other social media platforms can- like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and more, due to which IGTV’s content does not have a search engine presence. However, the only traffic that generates on IGTV videos is only for “For You” or “Popular” tabs of the application. In comparison, other social media platforms’ content usually presents in the search list blogs, tutorials and more.



In addition, IGTV lacks the facility to search for videos. There is a search bar located at the top of the app but that does not function as expected. IGTV is new in the market, so it is obvious that everyone will make it comparable with other social media platforms, and so here it is happening. You cannot directly find a video by simply locating the search like “Daily Hacks for Kitchen” or “Interior Designing Tips”. If we see YouTube’s search engine compatibility, you will quickly have the video or content you are looking for.

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In 2019, it would not be so easy for IGTV to establish its presence in the market as compare to other competitors. It is the best platform that specifically fits into Instagram and its audience shoes. Even, Facebook itself has been trying to promote the IGTV, but without the major aspects that are significant in today’s environment. So it is completely a task for Instagram that how it will advertise its IGTV feature in 2019 and acquire the more engagement of users than any other social media platforms.

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