Instagram Is Testing Stickers With Songs Lyrics

It looks as Instagram has started testing out a new feature for stickers in its story section: lyrics that will play along with the video.

On 19 April 2019, a famous tech blogger spotted the feature and shared its short video on Twitter. She played a video in which it can be easily seen that lyrics of the song was playing along with the video.

Last summer, Instagram added music to its stories enabling users to add background music to share their posts. Users can add music to their videos and customize it with clips for a particular post. Lately, in the month of December, Instagram added few additional features for its users which allowed them to reply specific questions with songs, countdowns and question stickers for the live streaming videos.

All changes that Instagram has made to its platform over the past years resulted positively with great profit. However, it is yet to see how people will react to this new Instagram’s lyrics feature. What your thoughts on this upcoming advancement? Let us know in the comments section.

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