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instagram stories not working

It was back in June last year, Instagram announced a story feature for its users. The feature lets you choose images, GIFs, videos, as well as music to upload, but recently there is news revolving in the market that Instagram users are facing issues while playing and uploading music on their Instagram stories. Yes, it is true, a large number of users across the globe have been experiencing this issue with their Instagram stories.



The Instagram story was launched last year which allows you to record a video while pre-selected audio. Moreover, you have complete control over which part of a song you want to play when your followers see your story. Instagram has been rolling out the feature slowly to every region despite making it available in every area at the same time. The Instagram story is yet to be introduced in many areas. Whereas many users have noticed that their family members and friends have access to the feature, but they don’t, even they are in the same region. Also, many users stated that music wan not playing in their Instagram stories. Besides, other users have claimed that they had the feature to add music to their story for a short time duration, but its gone without any notification or warning. They are no longer able to add music to their stories. But, this problem has nothing to do with any specific region, user or device, as the complaints are users of different areas using different devices and brands. Means, there is something wrong with the Instagram app and not with the devices.

In December 2018, Instagram added more advanced features to stories such as stickers, countdown timer as well as question stickers which can be easily used in Live videos. The question sticker allows users to respond to questions with music. But, most of the users are not able to do the same as they are not having access to the feature.

Despite this, earlier in Feb 2019, users encountered the Drastic Reduction In The Number Of Instagram Followers and fluctuation in their follower’s counts. There were speculations that it was Instagram’s strategy to remove fake followers, but later Instagram confirmed that it was some technical glitch and they are working on troubleshooting the problem as soon as possible.

Not only the regular users are facing this problem, but even big companies like Spotify are also in touch with Instagram over the issues regarding this feature. According to a blog post, Spotify confirmed that they are looking into the matter. Until Instagram take some quick action to fix the problem, we can only wait for the result. Share your experience with Instagram music and let us know how this issue impacts your social media life in the comment section.

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