Instagram Stories – A Game Changer for Businesses

instagram stories for business


Instagram Stories feature is generally used to share pictures and videos. These Stories automatically vanish within 24 hours, after which the post doesn’t appear on your profile or the main Instagram news feed. Stories are filled with plenty of features including post text Stories, live videos, effects, filters, stickers and more. Instagram also offers an option where users can add a location to make their story attractive and creative.

Instagram Stories feature is not only for sharing funny images, emotional moments but also a core component which can work as the game changer for startups to the established organizations.  They can use this amazing feature as one of the prominent marketing strategies to boost engagement for business and to raise their product’s reach. For marketers, Instagram offers an option where they can add links to their websites to drive the traffic directly on site, blog, and at any other platform.

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If you are up to use Instagram Stories feature for your business marketing, you should keep the following tips and tricks in mind to attain the best result –

1. Use Polls In Your Stories:

how to use poll everywhere

Polls are one of the best components among the top marketing strategies used by thousands of marketers to engage their target groups. Polls option on Instagram Stories is available for both brands and individual users.

Polls are just like a question post, where users can create a question to get their followers’ opinion. The feature is helpful to attract the right audience for business or other purposes.

What polls can do?

  • You can use polls to collect crowdsource ideas and gather feedback.
  • You can drive traffic back to your website easily.
  • Lean and explore more about your audience through polls.
  • Pools can educate your audience on your business/brand.
  • Emoji slider polls give your audience more options to choose.

2. Proper Use Of Hashtags:

use hashtags on instagram

You can use popular hashtags in your Instagram Stories to boost posts quickly. You can use hashtags in a sticker, text, or a location tab. The hashtags directly go on the post and can be designed by stickers. If you use linked hashtags in the text, it often gets outlined.

There is a variety of hashtags available in different categories like industry, fashion, sports, etc., you can use according to your requirement.

Quick ways to use hashtags on Instagram stories:

  • Geographically – Location tags can be counted under hashtags.
  • Supportively – In support of any campaign/brand
  • Strategically – Prefer using hashtags according to your niche/target group/brand.
  • Creatively – Add some unique tricks to make them attractive.

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3. Use Captions On Your Pictures:

captions to use on instagram

Whenever you post content on Instagram Stories, don’t forget the caption part. Create a short and crisp caption that can describe your posts perfectly.  Caption strategy always works – you can ask viewers or encourage them through you saying as well.

Tips for creating good captions-

  • Write short and crisp captions.
  • Check grammar and spellings.
  • Be funny, informal.
  • Show brand personality/interest
  • Add Call-To-Action (CTA)

4. Post Regularly:

To achieve your target audience engagement quickly, you need to become active on Instagram and post regularly on Stories. Your regular posts reflect that you’re dedicated towards your followers. So, your content deserves priority at the top in the news feed of your followers.

5. Posting Time:

To build a strong fan base, you need to know the right time for posting so that more and more people can see your posts and react to it. The right time of posting is more important to achieve your targeted audience, if you don’t post your content at the right time then most of the followers will not see your post which will decrease your post’s reach or visibility.

The right time to post on Instagram is on Thursday at 3 PM, 5 PM, 11 AM, and 4 PM on the same day.

6. Use Of Stickers:

how to use stickers on instagram

Instagram offers a variety of features like different types of stickers, filters, effect, etc. which help you to make your content more captivating and attractive. Stickers are a great way to present your content in a unique manner, and it increases the probability of keeping your audience engaged.

Make best out of stickers-

  • Gather audience participation with the questions sticker.
  • Layer multiple Instagram stories stickers to deliver deeply stylized content.
  • Style the tone of your messaging and captions with a music sticker.

7. Use Multiple Slides To Narrate Full Story:

To keep your followers engaged, you can tell them Stories by using text, pictures, and small videos by using multiple slides. Everyone loves Stories, and you can take advantage of it by narrating a story in multiple slides.

8. Highlight Instagram Stories:

Highlight Instagram Stories

Highlight your Instagram Stories to keep your profile at the top and take your business at the peak of success. Instagram Stories highlight helps you to share relevant information about your business or product with both your old and new followers.  Highlights also benefit to gain more followers and increase sales.

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Instagram Stories feature is a small packet of big benefits. Do not ignore the feature as thousands of marketers are using it for the growth of their organization and who knows this feature work as a king among all the top marketing strategies.

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