Following Tik-Tok’s Algorithmic Feed, Instagram Reconstructing IGTV

With the very bleak outcomes of IGTV feature introduced by Instagram, considering its failure in attaining the audience it was expecting, there have been different types of advancements introduced in this feature. Surprisingly the app was downloaded by the less number of people as compared to other applications around the world.

Users can find IGTV on Instagram’s home screen at the top of the page. It also exists individually as an application. But it is a nightmare that IGTV does not even appear in the top 10 downloaded app list on App Store and Play Store. The app has just 4.2 million downloads and keeping in mind the active 1 billion users on Instagram, this was totally unforeseen. This implies that less than half of the population on Instagram downloads the app and actively uses it. Regardless, the feature always curtails to the newly different time to time updates for the better feedbacks and responses from its users, for example, recently the Instagram app started showing the IGTV videos as a part of news feed, i.e. while scrolling, a user might come across the IGTV videos which are recently posted by the accounts he follows.

The prior horizontal design was inconvenient, and lately, just like Snapchat’s explore feature of vertical “infinity grid”, IGTV also showed the recommendations of similar relatable videos. This new design was shown to us in Instagram’s explore shopping corner and the IGTV discovery options as well.

Following the other applications’ procedure of posting longer duration videos as seen on Snapchat, YouTube, or Tik-Tok, the app introduced the option of IGTV videos last year, merging in their usage of Artificial Intelligence and Interference Design.

It has been observed that the feature was introduced with its systematic options such as “for you,” “popular,” “continue watching,” and “following” page for just one central feed of algorithmically suggested videos just like TikTok, a news agency reported earlier in the month of June.

This new feature is claimed to be more user-friendly in terms of showing a comfortable and captivating view, unlike the earlier one that had the horizontal scrolling option. This refined ‘view now’ shows us the breadth of the videos, which is more comfortable for the users.

Despite the constant updates in the IGTV section, the users are still preferring YouTube to watch the long durational videos; hence the attempt by Instagram to make it as another YouTube replica is seen failing as the audience always like to use and view the ones which are easy for them.

Resources also claim that many people eventually lost their interest in this feature, almost 1 or 2 months later, after its introduction, as it seemed inconvenient in many possible ways with the advent of time.

However, it is still used by many people. Instagram influencers, sponsors and entertainers post IGTV video almost twice in a week which keeps a record of the number of likes, comment, shares, and views, and this, in turn, helps the users to discover the other videos, as per the newly introduced “infinity grid” feature.

One of the most prominent noticeable factors of the futuristic possibility of this app and feature is that it will make the user’s access convenient if they come across a link to watch a video by especially opening another app, or just staying on the same and accessing their chosen videos. We also know for another matter, that if the feature comes up with a more user-friendly view, just the way it is on YouTube, then its demands will definitely increase.

The investments in IGTV videos have also been consistent enough for many months, despite any sort of infamousness of this feature. We look at this news from the perspective that with the popularity and hype of Instagram, we know for a matter that it will not fail in impressing us more and more. It is not like this feature was a huge failure, it did not succeed in being that much favored as the developers expected it to be.

We all know the fact that Instagram is the most popular all over the world and if this feature of IGTV videos keeps on updating more user-friendly features with the advent of time, then it will be another famous app in the existing applications. This is because we have seen that after the recommended videos option was introduced, there has been an increase in the number of viewers who saw IGTV videos. However, the number of installation of the IGTV app has still been quite low. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of chances IGTV will gain popularity in the future.

Things to focus on:

  • IGTV has also moved from its horizontal scrolling design and has discovered vertical “infinity grid” layout of recommended clips.
  • The new design showed up in the last week of May 2019, where Instagram Explore’s new Shopping and IGTV discovery experiences.

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