Instagram Now Lets You Control Your Bully’s Comments

A successful exploration to combat bullying on Instagram is the most recent approach of ‘Mosseri’, the head of Instagram. “Restrict” is the new feature on Instagram to ban your illicit commentator from your posts on Instagram. Unlike blocking your peers or other members on Instagram, Restrict is the new feature to prevent you and your posts from the fowl, illicit and bad comment on this platform.

The amazing feature launched by #Instagram for the user to stop bully comments. Watch out the full video to learn how to use the #restrict feature.

— Alle Smith (@AlleSmith2) October 14, 2019

Adam Mosseri – head of the Instagram, often interacted with the users and have got their queries and complaints regularly. A considerable part of Instagram users are teenagers and the network is popular among them. But, when it comes to cyberbullying, teenagers are mostly targeted and are more concerned about the term ‘being bullied’. Adam Mosseri was more concerned about users being bullied on Instagram and have interacted with the users to make them aware of the new features. He interacted with them to provide the best tricks to prevent themselves from ‘being bullied.’

Blocking a person on Instagram or even on other platforms is not a proper solution to make you fully secured. Even in some cases, it is proved to be more unhealthy and later turned to the worse. The number of cases admits that it happens between the people who know each other in real life.

And Finally, Instagram has announced a new anti-bullying feature called ‘Restrict’ which allows users to filter the comments which are abusive or inappropriate without blocking them. This feature hides the comments and message sent to another’s inbox where you and other parties (those who have commented) will able to view the message, but for others, the comments will be hidden. Only the user, who is involved in restricting the sender can allow others to see the messages or could make it public.

The main motive of the channel to take such a big move is to make the platform a completely secured place. Moreover, the company mentioned the reasons, commitment, and its practices to make Instagram a perfect social media platform in their official blog post.

According to a 2018 survey by the pew research Centre, Fifty-nine percent of teenagers from the US are harassed and bullied. Instagram is globally seen as the fastest growing platform where millions of people are finding the best place to showcase their talent, but also getting the bullying messages and harassing comments.

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform as per the surveys and several articles, whereas 31 percent of teens choose the channel as their favorite social networking site after Snapchat.  Another study says that Instagram is overtaking Snapchat where 85 percent of teens use it at least once a month and 84 percent use Snapchat at least once in a month. It seems this widely used network is getting misused by the people who are more involved in bully content which is providing them the option to make anonymous profiles and set up all kinds of fake and numerous activities. Also, a percentage of teenage users reported this miss happening and abusive comment as spam and shared their problems to different researchers and the Instagram head Mosseri.

Instagram head Mosseri

Seeing all this, Instagram made relentless efforts to overcome cyberbullying, considering blocking an effortless technique. Newer approaches include various reforms on the network of Instagram. Now a user will be indicated whether the content, post, video or any comment on other posts they are going to post is appropriate or not. Also, Instagram will have immediately note that particular user or their content.

There is a list of several reasons due to which Mosseri took such a big and bold move to restrict the person from the channel who is involved in any bully or fraud content. Also, users gave many reasons to Mosseri to come up with the new feature in spite of the blocking feature because it is not the end of being bullied.

The first and obvious reason is blocking a fake user or bully can lead to even worst situations, like the user could receive more abuse on the network.  Also, once you block the bully, you can’t see their next message unlike ‘Restrict‘ as you render yourself invisible.

‘Restrict’- a new feature on Instagram allows you to restrict other users to comment on your photo, video or other posts. With the feature, only you can enable them to comment on your posts.

Note:Facebook and Twitter also have made earlier attempts to get rid of these bully content and comment and provide user a transparent entertainable and useful network. AI technology is not new for these networks but it won’t go as a long term result as it was difficult for the algorithm to monitor different slangs and other languages.”.

Restrict feature on Instagram come up with definite prevention from cyberbullying. However, it is different from the previous attempts of other social media platforms as the user are warn before what they post and allow them to think what they are going to share on the channel.

‘Restrict ‘is the new innovative method to let users prevent the abuse and mean comments on this widely used platform ‘Instagram’. But a similar kind of concept was also introduced by  Trisha Prabhu,  who created the app ‘Rethink’ The purpose of the technology was to alert users for the offensive and abusive message. The app was highly praised among the users, after which several articles recommend that the big networks like Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms need to be incorporated with such sort of solutions.

Moreover, using the “Restrict” feature could be accessed by the simple steps-the user can restrict someone who they want, by simply swapping left on their comment. Also, you can restrict them by visiting their profile or go to the privacy tab in the settings option.

Note: “Messages from the restricted user will be sent to a separate inbox, and you can choose whether or not you want to read them. If you do, the bully won’t receive a read receipt.”

Instagram head ‘Mosseri” said in a  blog post, “you need, as a target of bullying, to see what the actor is actually doing.” It means, “Restrict” feature gives a target of bullying a bit more power over the experience.”

Instagram started testing Restrict feature over the summer season and offered the feature to a small group of English-speaking users. During the test, Instagram gets the best result and a reduced number of unwanted interactions and experiences of bullying. Due to such a result, Instagram has taken other steps to prevent bullying and make the platform a safer and more welcoming place.

Apart from the feature, it has banned content that shows self-harm and has made an effort to provide resources for people actively searching for that content. There are also new restrictions on posts related to diet products and cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, this move will also give the users a safe platform to use and enjoy which could also increase the popularity of the channel. These types of safety methods and arrangements could be a the best source to make online platforms secure and free from unusual content, behavior and posts.

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