Is Instagram IGTV Going To Be The Next Big Thing?

Instagram is known for its creative and advanced features and the opportunities it offers to the users. And after the launch of IGTV, which was released on June 2018, the app took the hype of success. However, IGTV has not done something wow as the social networking platform, but still, Instagram is rolling out new updates for the version to make it more convenient and the best for the users. Recently, the company launched the landscape mode for the users so that they can switch to the mode from vertical mode whenever they want.

IGTV has faced a massive declined at first, and after a few months, the app has flourished its special features, which made it a well-performing social media tool. Still, it is not at the stage where billion people are engaged, but it has the capability to boom any business and creators if used correctly.

“This platform has changed the outlook of perceiving the videos on Instagram to a whole different level. The videos have evolved and become more accessible and useful for the users of Instagram.”

The influencers and YouTube celebrities especially have made full use of this platform to promote their videos at an extended level. Many brands have invested in the IGTV videos despite being unsure of the success on this platform. The mission of Instagram has always been to make the features of the app user-friendly and accessible enough.

The Instagram app has evolved a lot since it came into a successful platform. It has the option to be viewed at the top of the Home Page. One can find the videos uploaded by the people in their feed as well. It is also seen in the Explore option, having a separate section to view all the IGTV videos of different categories.

With its ever-developing advancements, IGTV is now giving tough competition to a platform such as YouTube. It has also recently come up with the vertical format which makes it user-friendly and much accessible considering its viewing over a mobile phone. This vertical format is also supportive of video creation as well. People would also prefer to keep watching a video on the same app that they are using rather than switching to another app. Hence, if the same kind of stuff is available on both IGTV and YouTube then the users tend to stick to IGTV itself.

Let us see why one should go for videos, which is a helpful tool for a successful business strategy.

Videos Over Images:

One-third online activity of the people in the world involves video watching. Half of this video watching comprises the views over cell phones. These figures are expected to rise in the coming years, as: “Cisco predicts that by 2021, a total of 78% of mobile data traffic will comprise of videos.”

Making marketing videos should hence be an essential tool for marketing strategies.

No Expensive Equipment Is Required:

There is no extravagant cost of miscellaneous things such as light, sound, background, filming, or editing required. One does not need to do anything too much extra to create a video that would be preferred by a larger audience. One only has to decide as to how to be creative in the best possible and approachable way.

Make The Best Use Of The Feature:

Instagram has given you the feature of IGTV videos so that you can make its best use. Do not wait for anything external to make you do this. Use it to the extent you can.

All the exciting features such as Stories, Live Videos, Boomerangs have made it more tempting that can keep you engaged with the IGTV.

Nothing Difficult In It:

Accessing IGTV videos, either for the creator or the users is not rocket science or a difficult thing to learn. You can capture your content in a format which is worth showing and can get the desired engagement of the viewers. Create a video that keeps the audience tangled and make them view your more videos and the whole profile. Keep them engrossed and entertained through your work.

“Starting through a phone is a small start. It is convenient and always helpful.”

These points must have definitely encouraged you to start posting your own IGTV videos. Keep the following tips in your mind while you are posting your videos:


You need to have a purpose for starting your business. Align your goals and your plans by strategizing whatever you are up to. There should always be a reason as to why you are starting your business and why you are creating a particular content, keeping in mind your audience always.

Have A CTA:

Having set upon your goals and your plan, your aim is now to be sure what your content should mean to your audience. What will they think after seeing your video? What next will they do after doing this? Make them comment, share, like, and follow you.


Create your content by determining your caliber in all the aspects. Test yourself to find out what all you are better at.

Measure Success:

Monitor your progress by assigning yourself a few benchmarks and then check whether you adhere to these or not. Keep a check onto your performance done via videos. See whether your strategies are working efficiently or not. Improve your results accordingly. Remember to never settle.

Remember that once you have posted an IGTV video, you have to maintain the consistency of keep doing it again and again if you really want to reach the top of your competitors.

The views over IGTV videos have even crossed from 6,000 to 1.2 million views. Users are choosing to take this route rather than going for YouTube videos. The feature of IGTV videos is also better in increasing the revenue by a large margin at the end of 2019.

The reason as to why the IGTV videos have been prospering at such a vast rate lately is because of its extended duration as well. The duration of the IGTV videos is now 1 hour for verified accounts, and 10 minutes for the normal ones. Moreover, there is also a standalone app for IGTV videos, which could be downloaded easily from the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

The unique feature of Instagram has become a significant tool for showcasing the talent of the people. All the entertainers and bloggers- be it lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, or traveling bloggers; all have increased their fan-following by a massive number after the introduction of the feature of IGTV videos.

The people want to view the content which they prefer to see the most. Repeated suggestions of the videos make this platform a lot more interesting. The suggestions are, therefore, endless as the success of this feature is endless.

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