Drastic Reduction In The Number Of Instagram Followers- Why?

Instagram, a legitimate photo sharing app have been successful worldwide, but the social media app has encountered an unexpected problem much like its parent company, Facebook. One of the recent troubles faced by Instagram is the continuous reduction of the users’ followers. Instagram users acknowledged a radical drop in their followers count. Moreover, influencers on the platform lose millions of the followers for which they worked hard to gain popularity. Along with the issue, there is a buzz in the market because it happened without any specific reason.

But, many users are conjecturing, it was a result of Instagram’s move of removing unauthentic accounts. Last November 2018, Instagram announced its strategies that it would start removing inauthentic likes, follows as well as comments from the accounts which are using third-party apps to obtain popularity on the platform.


reduction in Instagram Followers


Based on Tweets, well-known users such as the YouTuber Jame Charles and the actor Don Benjamin wrote on Twitter that they have seen their followers count drop by hundreds of thousands. Initially, there were speculations, the sudden drop in the follower’s count is because of the Instagram crackdown on “inauthentic behavior” across the platform. For now, Instagram denied any ‘followers purge’ and stated that the problem is a result of some technical glitch.

tweets on Instagram


Instagram wrote on Twitter “We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

The Instagram bug comes a few hours after a Twitter glitch which causes the fluctuation in the number of likes and retweets. The variation in a number of followers needs quick Instagram action, as users are facing its impact on their profile. Meanwhile, Instagram acknowledged the error which has caused a massive drop in the number of followers and efforting to troubleshoot the problem. For now, we can only look for the move that would be implemented by Instagram to make the situation easy for the users. Stay connected with our blogs for daily Instagram’s updates.


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