The Future of Instagram Filters Is Bright

instagram filters


Photos filters are highly popular nowadays, and people are using them for their perfect pictures on social networking sites. Instagram is counted as one of the best platforms where users can apply various filters to make their appearance more attractive and beautiful. Now, Instagram is planning to take its filters to the next level and make its users happier than before.

The future of filters on Instagram seems to be brighter. Instagram introduced a program last year in May as Instagram Beta program which was then closed in October. It was a group of creators who took part in the 3000beauty filter through which they made their custom face images. Influencers and creators stated that those filters result in their repaid growth and popularity among users. But later the program was closed by Instagram.

As per the popular creators, Instagram has a unique way to unlock new filters- you have to follow the creator if you want to access the Beauty3000 filter. For each use, the name of the filter and its creator are listed at the top. Instagram does not pay the creators to make these masks, but the viral nature of their spread means that designers who work hard can see their progression grow exponentially.

Further, influencers had stated, they post their photos with those filters on their stories more often to get a positive reaction of their followers. Snapchat’s filters are also in a trend that works for the user a lot more. Snapchat’s cute puppy face look was got popular, but users are expecting something more impactful from Instagram. They do not prefer futuristic childish vibe and stylish look. Yet Instagram is more popular than Snapchat, users hope more from it. Whereas, Instagram has had a lot to do to meet up with Snapchat’s facial lenses and other filters.

Snapchat says more than 100,000 custom lenses are floating around, and the creators say that it is not that simple to use them on both Snapchat and Instagram. But given the fact that Instagram Stories has 400 million daily users compared to the 186 million regular users of Snapchat, it makes sense that creators and influencers focus should be on Instagram.
Years after years, Snapchat’s enabled users to play the game with their filters, enhance their looks as well as shop around. The future of Instagram filters is still getting ready which will undoubtedly hit the market with success.

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