Visit The Stories, IGTV, And Shopping Features In The Explore Option On Instagram

Social media platforms never fail to surprise and impress us. We come across more and more user-friendly advances in all of the platforms for their more accessible usage. Similarly, Instagram has always given a lot of heed to the idea of stories. The new features in this concept of stories are new almost every day, talking about the stickers or GIFs used. To name some interesting features of the idea of stories, users can permanently put stories to highlights, using the attractive filters, taking polls, reacting, etc.

We had the option of viewing the Instagram stories over the home page and by opening the users’ profiles. Now the app has come up with the feature of letting us see the stories on the Explore page as well.  We see the stories appearing to us among the other media at the “Explore” page, with the only difference of the stories appearing in a vertical rectangle. And by tapping on one story, we can explore the other stories as well.

Explore option is the option with the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of our page, that lets us go through the shared media by the people whom we do not follow. The posts with the most number of likes or comments as compared to the other ones, or the posts that many of our following people like or comment, are the ones that appear to us on this Explore page.

Additional to this, the time when we could see the IGTV videos in our homepage is also a bygone story as now we can also visit the IGTV videos of the people on this Explore page as well. The videos which are most viewed and shared among the users, in short, the most popular ones appear to us in this page. The app now provides to us the freshly designed option in the search bar, this option lets us search for IGTV videos only. As soon as we tap on that option, any popular video appears to us and thereby gives us furthermore options to browse through the other popular videos as well.

On the other hand, having opened the explore page, we see the shared media by the people whom we don’t follow, we can also see the IGTV videos appearing among those posts, present in those tiles like sequence, among the other posts, and with a difference of having a slightly larger size.

Another part of this update is, one can also go for the shopping option in this section, by either choosing for the shopping option in the search bar, which will only open the popular shopping-related posts. On other social media platforms, it generally appears to us amongst in a square box.

This is quite a fascinating and convenient feature as the users get to access almost all kinds of things, beauty products, clothes, accessories, home décor, etc. One can find the post of shopping while scrolling down the media in their Explores. We recognize these posts with a small white colored handbag item that appears in the post, at its top right corner.

The explore option is personalized for every user. Which means, your media showed in this space will be entirely different as from what the others see. This depends upon certain factors:

  • Whatever posts we like the most- the related posts similar to that one appear to us.
  • The accounts that we frequently visit also influence the posts on this feature as we are shown mostly the posts and stories from them.
  • The posts that your following accounts like the most are also shown to you in Explore.
  • As we view a photo, video, story, or shopping post, we are automatically shown the relatable media. We can scroll and find whatever we would like to view next.
  • The stories that do not have too much text written in them, i.e. they are mostly visuals, get preference in appearing in this space.
  • Reposts are mostly relegated.
  • Posts that have content similar to the creator’s feed also are shown frequently.
  • Videos mostly get more attention than photos.
  • If any of our friends view, like, comment on any post or story, we also get to see the friend.


One of the most prominent characteristics of the explore option is that the more views, likes, comments or shares you get on your stories, posts, etc. you will appear more often on the Explore panel towards a larger number of audience. So if you want to flaunt your brand, make it appear over the users’ Explore panel, then make sure that it gathers as many likes as possible. With the new updates on Instagram, which is pretty much dominated with promoting the business, the concept on IGTV videos, Shopping, and Stories in the Explore is a huge step in letting others know about your business.

Make the best use of these new and exciting features, as it is the Explore space, which mostly presents you to the new people. If you have such opportunities in front of you, utilize them to the fullest.

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