Instagram Is Encouraging Millennial’s To Become Home Owner

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Is it true that Instagram encouraging millennials to buy their first home? As per the reports published recently, it was estimated that around 27 % of users see photos of homes posted on Instagram and realize that if their friends can buy a home, they can do so as well. 21% of users want to buy their own house as they do not want to miss out the golden opportunity. As per the data, there were only 38% of people who purchased a home in 2018, whereas the count reached 42% in 2019.

Since Instagram was introduced, it has been one of the top positioned social media networks influencing users to buy home. It is generally pushing millennials or those who were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s.

Brianna Adams, 24 years old young lady from California has recently bought a 3 bedroom house. She said the pictures of the homes posted on Instagram has encouraged her to buy her own house.

Property related hashtags which are encouraging users to buy home-

There are around 30 property related hashtags for realtors, homebuyers, brokers, decorators and others that can be used on Instagram or other social media platforms. The main motive to share these tags is to make it easy for users to explore real estate related posts and show properties to those who are really interested. Check out some of the popular hashtags including –

  • #Realestate
  • #Property or #Properties
  • #Homeforsale
  • #Openhouse
  • #Buymyhouse

Hashtags used for interior designing –

  • #jungalowstyle
  • #housetour
  • #dreamkitchen
  • #smallspace squad
  • #currentdesignsquad

These hashtags can be used to tag photos of the real estate for sale. Buyers can search for these hashtags to discover the right home they are looking for.

Download the list of top 90 real estate hashtags for Instagram –


There are multiple reasons due which millennial avoid buying home. They feel that they cannot afford it or cannot qualify the formalities for a mortgage. Some are afraid of paying real estate texas and maintenance of the home. Many people find it impractical to buy a home when they are not planning a family or getting married. People usually feel that the entire process of purchasing a home is really threatening and challenging at the right location with easy procedure.

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Real Estate Brands Are Now Getting More Active On Instagram:

Real Estate Brands

Millennials are now using Instagram to search suitable homes, decorating ideas, and to engage with topics including homeownership. These interest of users encourage real estate agencies, construction companies, and home décor firms to become active on Instagram. Now, real estate business, architecture and interior design agencies are engaging with millennials by developing their presence on Instagram and other social media networking sites.

Instagram has become the best social media platform for both who want to become the owner of the house and for those who want to make money by selling homes. It is the best place for millennials to learn about the ins and outs of the homeownership – users who are looking for the right options to buy a home can collect as much as information as he/she wants on his/her specifications.

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