Instagram Is Finally Cracking Down on ‘Inappropriate’ Content

Instagram and its parent company Facebook are continually fighting with wrong content on their platform. Both the platforms have given great opportunities to the users worldwide – users can connect with different fields, showcase their talent, display creativity or build up their business. But at the same time, these platforms are being used to share inappropriate content which could be the reason for misinformation, polarization, and fraudulent activities. Billion of people are using Instagram to share their photos, special moments, celebration videos and lot more, but on the other hand, there are thousands of users using this platform for sharing lousy content with the only motive of spreading threat, and violation.

Instagram has continuously been taking some strict actions to limit the reach of inappropriate content. On 1, May 2019, the company announced that the app won’t recommend inappropriate and wrong content on its application. It will not allow anyone to violate its Terms of Conditions. ItsĀ  parent company Facebook made modifications in their content policies to “manage the inappropriate content across its applications.” It means Facebook will not delete or ban the posts, but it would make it difficult to search for those content which can cause any harm to others (if the user looks for a specific hashtag, the questionable content will not appear under all other posts).

Means the company is concerned about the things which are harming its innocent users, also they are taking new steps to restrict the harmful content to appear on the search tab and hashtag pages.

In a press conference at Facebook’s office, Instagram product manager Will Ruben noted that peoples who choose to follow those users that share hate speech, abusing words, and inappropriate content will still be able on users’ newsfeed. And the changes were only made to “discovery” pages like hashtag pages or explore tab.

Will Ruben – the company, is being “careful about how we define what’s not recommendable, and that the new changes will only affect certain categories of content. The company also takes past behavior into account when determining which accounts should be barred from recommendations”. It means if a person removes a post for violation of Instagram rules, their posts will be blocked from recommendations and search bar.

In a statement, Facebook said, “We have Community Standards that outline what is and isn’t allowed on Facebook. They cover things like bullying, harassment and hate speech, and we remove content that goes against our standards as soon as we become aware of it. Last year, we made it easier for people to understand what we take down by publishing our internal enforcement guidelines and giving people the right to appeal our decisions on individual posts.”

However, the changes made by Instagram could still become controversial and catch fire among the Instagram users as they believed that the company purposely makes certain users less visible in the feeds for breaking one of its rules.

Many creators use the Explore page and hashtag pages to broaden their reach, and Instagram is the platform to determine top recommendations or throw a discussion among influencers and creators. The entire scenario shows that the changes that were made to Instagram would definitely a big slap on those who run their business by spreading violent content.

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