Instagram May Allow Users to Make Their Collection Public

instagram collections

Facebook-owned Instagram is considering allowing users to make their collection public. Meanwhile, the collections are private, but soon Instagram is going to introduce “Public collections.” This could also enable users to add content to expand a collection. The collection could include but not limited to top vacation spots and favorite restaurants to fashion apparel, and activities of cute cats.

This move of Instagram could be an excellent competition for Pinterest. The “make collection public” option was first spotted in Instagram’s code by app researcher Jane Manchun Wrong and further verified with many blog post. The feature let the users choose an option between making a collection private or public, which will, at last, allow the collection creator to launch its curation to other Instagram users. Despite this, sharing collection could be fun for regular users and well brands and celebrities as they can use the feature to drive sales and raise profiles. Whereas Instagram said that it is not testing the public collection feature, but yes it is considered to be done in the future.

If Instagram releases this feature publicly, then it could be a great competitor for Pinterest growth.  Pinterest is the quarter size of Instagram holding an account of more than 250 billion users. Moreover, it would be interesting to see the impact of Instagram collection feature on Pinterest’s current state.

The Instagram collection would be an enormous feature for businessman and creators to promote their business as well as their talent as the user can create versatile categories and labels. They can also put their brand images on these labels as per their categories. Meanwhile, Instagram refused to provide any other information about this feature likes its release date, place, and its other benefits. Let’s hope, the feature leaves the same impact and get the same success as Instagram’s other features are holding. Moreover, Instagram is also about to launch the IGTV picture feature which will allow the user to continue watching the video along with using other application at the same time.

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