Instagram Adds IGTV Series Option To Categorize Videos

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  1. How To Create IGTV Series?
  3. Key Features Of IGTV Series

IGTV is a modern way of watching videos over television. It is a stand-alone video application released on 20 June 2018 that allows Instagram users to create high-quality content. Though one can use Instagram to upload videos, IGTV is mainly dedicated to upload and share long videos. Apart from that, it offers other functionalities that make it more popular among Instagram video content creators. The coolest feature of IGTV is that it shows videos in a vertical format rather than standard portrait mode. Users on Instagram can watch the videos created on IGTV. This feature gives content creators to reach billions of people through a single window.

Lately, Instagram has added the IGTV series option to categorize videos. Let’s see some of its features.

Like Youtube, Netflix has got different kinds of series to watch, IGTV series option gives its users to create their own series. Creators can put all their videos on a separate page with a separate badge. One can put a common title and theme for each video, so-called an episode. This feature automatically recommends the next episode once the user has finished the previous episode.

How To Create IGTV Series?

1. Go to the IGTV  dashboard and click on (+) icon to upload a video from your mobile or PC.

click on plus icon

2. Set up a cover photo. Your cover photo matters a lot, so brush up your photo editing skills to come up with a beautiful attention-drawing picture.

Add Cover

3. Go to the “Add to series” option.

Add Series

4. If it is a brand new series than IGTV will asks you for a series name and description. A series name is mandatory while the description is optional. It is recommended to provide a beautiful, brief and precise description of your series.

Add Title and Description

5. After completing the fourth step,  hit the post button.


Though comparing IGTV vs YouTube will not be fair as IGTV is quite new as compared to YouTube. This is the reason that the network is alive for a decade in the industry and has gained massive popularity among people all over the world. Let’s see some differences between IGTV and YouTube :

The Look:

IGTV is specially designed to let people watch videos in the vertical format of their phones. Though one can upload videos from the web too. While YouTube serves both mobile and web equally. The user interface of both platforms is quite different. On YouTube, one can upload videos having a maximum time duration of 12 hours while on IGTV is quite less(one hour).

The content eligibility differences:

The content eligibility brings a difference in a great way as the criteria decide whether your content will be allowed on the channel or whether you will end up in trying:


  • On IGTV, the minimum time duration of video content should be of at least one minute.
  • If you are using a mobile device then the maximum time duration of the video content should be 15 minutes while on the web it is four times, which is 60 minutes.
  • The video format you wish to upload on IGTV should be MP4.
  • You can upload a vertical video with an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a  horizontal video with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • The video should have a minimum frame rate of 30 FPS.
  • The maximum memory size of the video should be 650 MB for mobile devices and for web devices it should be 3.6 GB.
  • The recommended aspect ratio of the cover photo on IGTV should be 1:1.55.
  • The important thing to remember is that you cannot change the cover photo further once you have uploaded it.

For YouTube:

YouTube is quite versatile when it comes to video formats.

  • It accepts MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-PS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, etc.
  • The most reliable video format for any platform is MP4.
  • 16:9 is the recommended video format for YouTube.

We all are familiar with the bit rates on which YouTube operates.

  • The starting bit rate is 144p and the highest is 8k(4320p).
  • Apart from that YouTube supports VR and 360 videos.


Since IGTV is quite new, it has got the latest trendy topics to watch, while YouTube also serves the new content and along with that, it is a pool of content created by our previous generation which is actually a good thing to look back on to the history.

People usually don’t look for solutions on IGTV as they do on YouTube. People chase beauty, money, luxury, motivation, lifestyle, etc., on IGTV. While on YouTube, people look for video tutorials, music, documentaries, news, etc.


Everything revolves around money and the ultimate aim of content creators is to earn money and fame. The sad thing about IGTV is that it does not pay you for your popularity on the platform while YouTube does. In fact, you can start a full-time career through YouTube. But indirectly through marketing, one can earn money through IGTV. Self-promotion, Sponsorships, Affiliate marketing, etc are popular marketing practices to grow your audience and make money.

Key Features Of IGTV Series:

1. Content Management: IGTV has come up with a better content management solution by launching the IGTV series feature. Using this feature you can stack your video content on Instagram IGTV, give them a title and theme-it gives you an opportunity to create your own web series.

2. IGTV Notification Alert: Just like YouTube’s notification bell feature, IGTV lets your audience know about your latest video uploads.

3. Movie Experience: You can watch IGTV series episodes in a non-blocking way, which means one after the other just like watching a movie or a web series on Netflix.

Before IGTV, we only had 60 seconds video option on Instagram which was a kind of hindrance for advertisers and marketers to use it for online marketing purposes. But IGTV changed the whole game, especially it’s interconnection with Instagram users to watch the content and get notified within the Instagram timeline. Now everyone’s eye is on the IGTV series feature to utilize it in the best possible way to grow their followers as well as businesses.

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