Instagram Adds Preview to Drive Engagement on IGTV

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Instagram is experimenting with new offers and strategies to capture mobile attention on IGTV. The rise of IGTV was not so powerful as expected; therefore Instagram is working hard to make IGTV app more visible and engaging for the creators. However, Instagram’s vertical video platform sets the stage for marketers and business to showcase their talent and services. But still, IGTV is at a stage where it is not able to attract as much engagement as it was expecting.

A few days back, Instagram announced that it is adding a two-minute preview of IGTV videos in the main feed which will directly connect the viewers to the full video. This idea was implemented to fascinate more users to the video hub. IGTV was the first platform offering vertical video format for mobile users where the user can share an hour-long video without any restrictions. But, IGTV is facing trouble to manage the grip of the users as compared to its parent app Instagram. Instagram holds more than 1 billion users, but IGTV is not having such engagement. Meanwhile, Instagram is planning to drive attention by offering its users more stuffed videos, whereas IGTV is yet to go long to achieve its goals.

IGTV’s initial aim was to compete with YouTube and gain more popularity, but probably it would take time as YouTube is the platform holding an account of more than billion users, which means IGTV has to work hard to meet that level. YouTube is a giant video platform offering revenue to the users who meet its policies, but IGTV does not provide revenue to the creators where it lacks to bring more audience to its platform. Moreover, IGTV also lacks in search feature as the user can’t find the exact video they are looking for.

The users’ experience with IGTV was not so unusual and weak, but yes some significant points are missing in the platform such as video quality, video availability, consistency, monetization, and more. It is clear that IGTV needs an improvement to reach its objective for which Instagram is working with new bids to make it more user-friendly and customer oriented.

For now, users who want to increase the engagement for their business or brand with followers of Instagram, IGTV is the right option. But if the creator wants to monetize through their creative videos and content, then using IGTV will be disappointing. What is your opinion about IGTV and what do you think about how it will reach its next level? Let us know in the comment section.


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