Instagram Added Quick-Response Emojis To Its Stories

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Instagram’s new Facebook reactions style emoji response is out of the box idea which would give Storie’s viewers another way to engage with multiple posts. Quick reaction feature allows users to leave an instant reaction to someone’s story instead of sending texts. The new response tool would provide a simple way to engage with Instagram Stories instantly and would give the brand, business or an individual a way to measure viewer sentiment and interest in their content.

“Using the quick reaction feature is really easy, you need to swipe a set of eight emoji. With a single tap, you can float emoticons up on the screen.”

Though you may note that there is no angry reaction available which reflects the positive slope of Instagram, or it could be the reason that the angry response doesn’t see much use on Facebook. The quick response does make sense for Instagram as it makes the app more interactive and engaging.

It is really a minor option, but the impact could vary from post to post. If more people use the new Instagram Stories reactions, it gives them another way to track performance. It also ensures that they are feeding content to Stories in the right way which resonates with your audience.

Sending quick reaction is simple, but it has created a buzz among the users. Most of the Instagram users have complained that they face issues due to the quick emoji reaction. They feel embarrassed when they accidentally send funny, rude, or sad response to the people with whom they have never interacted in life. Sometimes their reactions make them feel awkward if they quickly respond to the stories of business contacts.

An Instagram user shared his experience regarding the quick reaction feature; he said, “when he posted a story on Instagram after watching a movie to express happiness, his colleague replied to the story with a sad reaction which was not supposed to be done. However, his colleague immediately apologized for the mistake as he was not about to send a sad response. This was really offensive!”

Despite the quick reaction feature, Instagram offers users an option to unsend the emoji which will instantly remove the reaction. Though there are both good and bad reviews for quick reaction feature, still, Instagram Stories is holding a top position in the queue of new features and getting excellent engagement across the world.

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