How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account?

In recent days, a number of Instagram users have reported problems like getting logged out unexpectedly from their Instagram accounts and unable to log back in. After this, they get an email from Instagram letting them know about the change of their email address.

Recently, Instagram tweeted about this problem stating that:

“We are aware that some people are having difficulty accessing their Instagram accounts. If you think you have been impacted, please follow our guidance to regain access”.

This tweet has over 300 comments, many of which were from users expressing their frustration for getting logged out of their respective accounts and Instagram doing nothing about it.
Instagram hacks come in different forms- some post new content on your profile while the others change your email id.

Note: If anyone changes your Instagram email address, you will receive a message like “Your new email is If you didn’t change your email address, revert this change.”


Why Hackers Hack Your Account?

Well, it usually happens for some kind of fraudulent activities, phishing, or spamming. There are many services or app advertising on your Instagram page and asking to click on their link. Once you click the link mistakenly, you may enter the fake services and the probability becomes higher of being hacked.
This is most common case happened to every fourth user worldwide. The problem is not new, but yes there are some curations that can help you to keep your account secure.

“Before giving authority to some third party services or any third person to whom you cannot trust, avoid sharing your Instagram username as well as password. There are numerous cases that get worst just because of the simple click, so before visiting any website or services, ensure its terms and authenticity.”

How To Recover Your Hacked Account?

In the process of recovering your account, you must be aware of the extremity of the case. There are levels of an Instagram hack, let check it out what are they-

  •  If you can log in to your account.
  • You cannot log in to your account.
  • If your email address is changed.

If You Can Sign In To Your Account-

If your account has been hacked but you can still log in to it. You must have observed some suspicious things like comments or like on posts you never did or some unauthorized posts posted from your account.

In order to recover this account, you can simply change your password. This will be an easy task and your account will be recovered. However, following some guidelines can help you in keeping your account secure, you should only give access to those third-party apps that follow Instagram’s Community Standards. If you don’t recognize some third-party accounts, you must cancel their access to your account.

If you are using an Internet browser, you can cancel the access of the third-party apps by following these easy steps:

① Log in to your recovered account.

log in insta




② Click on the “Settings” icon on your profile page.

Setting insta




③ On the next page tap on “Authorized apps”.





④ Click on “Revoke access” to cancel the access of the apps you don’t want to use.

Revoke Access


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If You Can Not Sign In To Your Account-

If you can’t sign into your Instagram account or your password has been changed by the hacker, you can recover your account by the following steps:

1.Open the Instagram login page.

2.Click on “get help signing in” option.

3.Then a reset password page will show up on your screen. You are requested to enter your email address or username.      

For Android:  Tap on the arrow icon at the top right corner of the page after entering your username.

For iOS: You will be directed directly to the next step where you can tap  on “need more help.”   

4.The Instagram app will let you through the process to reset the password


If Your Email Address Is Changed-     

If your account has been hacked by a more wicked hacker then changing password would not be enough for him. He will change every information linked to your account including your email address and username. Recovering such accounts is a difficult and time taking task but you need to work and wait for it.

Here, the important thing that needs to be noted is that either you have received an email from Instagram to your valid email address. If you have received it, mans you have the option to recover your account. Submit all the changes asked by Instagram.

In case you haven’t received any email then there might be the probability that you will get a link to regain access to your account. Instagram will provide an auto-response email to the secured email address and ask to verify your identity. For this, you must be asked for the following verification-

  • Your photo with the hand-written code that Instagram has provided.
  • The email or phone number you used at the time of sign up.

When Instagram will be satisfied that you are the owner of the account, it will provide you with further specific instructions to recover account your hacked.


Things to Remember To Protect Your Instagram Account

  • Pick a strong and complex password by using numbers and characters.
  • Turn on Two-factor Authentication.
  • Make sure the email address linked to your Instagram account is secure.
  • Revoke access to suspicious third-party apps.
  • Always remember to sign out of your account and never check the “remember me” option when you use a shared phone or laptop.


Instagram recommends users to change passwords regularly, make passwords of mixed letters, numbers and punctuations marks which are not identical to the other passwords that you use. In addition, Instagram also warns users to keep email’s username, password and other information secured as email access could enable another person to access an Instagram account as well.

Hopefully, the above tutorial helped you in recovering your Instagram account and keeping your account safe and secure.



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