Instagram Stories Are Not Working- Fix It Here

Method 1 – Force Close Your Instagram.

Tap the “Home” button twice to see the app Navigator.

Iphone- Home


Search for Instagram and swipe it up to close it.

Swipe Up

Restart Instagram to check if it is working or not.

Iphone- Restart





 Method 2 – Update Your Instagram.

Open the “App Store” and click on “Updates” situated at the bottom of the page.

Iphone- App Store

Now you can either click on “Update All” option or scroll down to find the Instagram app to update it individually.

Update All




Method 3 – Clean The Cache Of Instagram App.

Click on “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Iphone Settings


Click on “General” settings and further click on iPhone storage.•

Iphone General Settings

Once all the “Storage & data” stored, find ‘Instagram’ to see the app’s total size. •

Iphone Storage

Click on the App and further click on “Delete App”.

Delete App



We have covered all the best tricks that can help you to fix the Instagram stories. You can fix the problem with three different methods whichever is convenient for you.


One of the best methods that can help you to deal with the problem is where you need to force close your Instagram. For this, tap on “Home” button two-times and see the app Navigator. Further, you need to look for the Instagram and swipe it up to close the app. Once you closed the app, restart it again to check if it is working or not.


Another better option that you can endeavor to troubleshoot the problem is updating the Instagram app. Most of the time, the problem occurs due to an outdated version of the application, so it is important to update the app timely to avoid any issue. For this, you need to go to the “App Store” and further click on “Updates.” Here, you can either update all the apps or just click on “Instagram” to update it individually.


Moreover, you can also try to clear the cache of the “Instagram App.” Here, you just need to click on “Settings” app and further head to the general settings. You need to wait till the storage and data stored. Further, click on the Instagram app and delete the app.


Instagram is one of the best social networking sites that are in trend. Instagram offers multiple features and Instagram Stories is one of them. Instagram Stories allow users to share their images and short videos which appears on the top of the Instagram page. If you face any problem while sharing your stories on Instagram, try the aforementioned methods.


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