Everything You Should Know About IGTV

Instagram has rolled out its new app IGTV that allows users to share and watch hour-long videos. Instagram provides an easy platform for celebrities, and the artists to reach a wider audience to gain more likes from their followers and now the concept of IGTV is conquering the market with its new features.

On 20th June 2018, Instagram introduced IGTV, upon logging into the app you can find its way as a shortcut inside the original Instagram app. IGTV will play the vertical video automatically on the home screen from the accounts that you are using, and with the other suggestions.

By 2021, IGTV video will account for 18% of all mobile data for video views.

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A recent survey has shown that for every thousand followers you will get 10 to 20 views on your IGTV video. For instance, Hubspot has a little over 1 lakh followers and for every video they post, they receive one to two thousand views.

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“It’s time for the video to move forward, and evolve,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom onstage at the event. “IGTV is for watching long-form videos from your favorite creators.”

Let’s start with the basics; IGTV enables any user to upload vertical videos that will last up to an hour long.  IGTV varies from traditional video apps, as it is designed for videos to be viewed on your phone. The videos are full-screen and vertical, which means you don’t need to rotate your phone. Undoubtedly, the app is amazing, but on the other hand, it seems a little perilous in the market of social networking where the similar apps already exist, and numerous apps are enormously competing with each other.“We made it a dedicated app so you can tap on it and enjoy the video without all the distraction,” Systrom explained in the event.”

Along with the smart features IGTV app is available for both iOS and Android users. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store, and the iOS users can go to the App Store to enjoy the benefits of  IGTV.

How to Start with IGTV?


You don’t have to get into an enormous process, getting started with IGTV is very simple and easy. Go to the Play Store or App Store and then download the app on your mobile phone. Further, open the app and follow the instructions that you usually do with other mobile applications. Additionally, if your Instagram account already exists, get an option to sign into IGTV with the same account. The company kept the whole concept of the IGTV app simple to get people to use this feature without adding any further step to the procedure.

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What Options Do You Have Inside IGTV?

From the Instagram announcement in a blog post- “We’ve made it simple, too. Just like turning on the TV, IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don’t have to search to start watching content from people you already follow on Instagram and others you might like based on your interests. You can swipe up to discover more — switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” You can also like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct.”
The major concept of IGTV is that the Instagram user could make a longer video which can engage the viewers for long. Each video on IGTV can be up to an hour long which is enough time to promote out a service, series, or a brand. When you log in to the IGTV, the home screen auto-plays some videos from the Instagram account you are following. The app consist of different tabs likes ForYou, Following, Popular, Continue Watching tab etc.

How IGTV is Different From Instagram?

IGTV is developed to work simultaneously with the existing app- Instagram, you are using to share photos and short videos. “Instagram is taking a different approach by creating a new app that is a destination for video in its own right. “When you watch a longer video, you need a different context,” Systrom said. “We really wanted to separate those two so you could choose which adventure you wanted to go down.”
IGTV is specifically designed for your phone meaning the user will have videos in full-screen and vertical. On Instagram, you just have to click the new little icon on the top, and IGTV starts up instantly. It is extremely easy to navigate the app, as there is an option in the menu that you can choose according to your requirements.

  • According to data collected, more than 60 percent of Instagram videos are viewed on IGTV platform.
  • Approximately 400 million daily users on IGTV are looking forward to boosting their audience reach and content visibility.

IGTV also decreases the probability of interruptions caused by multiple posts like images and random stories. Here user will only get to watch videos from Instagram users they follow. After installing IGTV the user will not face the time limits on Instagram videos. It could be a tempting feature for anyone who loves to spend their time sharing and watching video content. If you want to enjoy the ride in the IGTV roller coaster, you should install the app now.

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Is Download and Watch Videos on IGTV for Free?

Yes, IGTV app is free to use, means you don’t have to pay anything for downloading and watching videos from your favorite content creators on the platform. But we cannot assure at the moment if Instagram is planning to publicize any paid subscription format to create and share IGTV videos like any other paid applications.

Besides every positive impact of the IGTV app, there is also bad news for the creators who are expecting revenue from Instagram- Instagram will not pay any creator to make shows, the company said.

The day when the IGTV was introduced, Instagram flagged the wave of competition in the market. It got a massive response from the existing users of Instagram and expects billions of users in the future. IGTV is still a new feature, but surely IGTV has opened up a new and easy way for many businesses to reach their customers on Instagram. If someone is a master in content strategy and social networking, the person can access the IGTV app for boosting his/her business. Enjoy the experience of this amazing application now and share the content to your followers they desire to view.

IGTV – Quick Stats

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  • Approximately 2.5 million downloads across iOS and Android worldwide last year, 2018.
  • Dropped 66 percent in weekly installs from 1.5,000 to just 400 in the month of June 2018. The percentage of installs dropped continuously and reach up to -20% in August 2018.
  • Celebrities and pops had an average of 243,000 views.
  • No revenue for creating shows on IGTV.

(What is the point in posting a video for such  fewer views.)

Though IGTV video came into the market with a boom, it was difficult for the creators and artists to reach a wider audience through the app in the competitive market. IGTV is a slow platform to marketize any firm in the industry where creators are leveraging the apps that have billions of users.

It is too early to dismiss the potential of the IGTV for marketing your brand or business.

“It’s a new format. It’s different. We have to wait for people to adopt it and that takes time”– Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom

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